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  1. Me arguing with a homophobic religious guy in the middle of the night...

    He noticed I was using ChatGPT...

    In my defense: I didn't feel like exerting my brain cells for that guy when an AI could handle the detailed responses for me.


    1. MartineX


      i wanna see that conversation ah ah ah

    2. MartineX


      This AI can be more human than humans....if i keep talking to it i'm gonna fall in love

    3. Confessions Lightside

      Confessions Lightside

      I consider ChatGPT as a good friend. I always thank him for his replies and his help. :Madonna036:

  2. I'm so lost... I always thought that Tina Turner passed away a long time ago because of an overdose like Michael Jackson. I could swear my grandma told me something like that when I was about 5 to 10 years old.

  3. If the Celebration "remaster" turns out to be as bad as the 4 Minutes "4K remaster", then I don't want it: By the way, I think it's obvious by now that Madonna's team is lazy or incompetent or both: cheap promo for "Finally Enough Love" cheap, unimaginative design for "Celebration Tour" (The wannabe designer must have gone through all the effects in GIMP 2 and then discovered the warp effect...) pathetic products for the Anniversaries (Where are the Deluxe Editions? What am I supposed to do with an overpriced hologram album sleeve that doesn't even have a print on the back?) some "remastered" music videos on Madonna's YouTube channel *cought* 4 Minutes *cought* look like they were upscaled by a 3 dollar AI Upscale software from eBay. If that's the level, I could upscale all Madonna videos from SD to 4K in 3 days... (Also Madonna's label should have access to all ProRes masters, VOB masters and whatever. So it shouldn't be difficult for them to find a suitable source for a remaster.)
  4. I have an idea. Perhaps we could create numerous TikTok videos using Madonna's "Confessions on a Dance Floor" demos in hopes of pressuring her to release them on streaming platforms such as "Back That Up To The Beat". Her record label will only slap vinyl sleeves in our faces for the anniversaries, but definitely no unreleased songs. So let's use the power of TikTok! :D


    1. tscott


      To me, forcing this usually falls flat on its face.  Besides it seems a lot fans have no interest in Tik Tok or loathe that she even takes part in it.  It's going to take more than a fan or two to make this happen. A lot of people in the general population would have to engage with the song and share.  The possibility for just one demo to go viral is slim, to make many would be possible.

  5. The AI upscales are so bad. Madonna's management really doesn't like Madonna lol



    1. proxy
    2. mirtillo


      Antonella Clerici Style!

    3. stickersweeter


      Four decades of poor management tour :cry:

  6. Sadly Madonna's team only upscaled the Flag Version and not the Director's Cut:

    By the way the Remixes of "American Life" are out now:


  7. *Me asking ChatGPT where I can get a ProRes Master of "Die Another Day"*

    His answer:

    As a language model, I do not have access to information on where to obtain specific video files or media. However, it's worth noting that ProRes Master files are typically produced by the production company or studio responsible for creating the original content, and may not be publicly available for distribution or purchase. Additionally, the availability of ProRes Master files for specific Madonna music videos would depend on a number of factors, such as the age of the video, the quality and availability of the original source material, and the specific agreements and licensing arrangements in place for the distribution and use of the content.

    If you are interested in obtaining a ProRes Master file of Madonna's "Die Another Day" music video, you may need to contact the production company or studio responsible for creating the video, or consult with a professional video production or post-production company that specializes in high-quality video encoding and mastering. Keep in mind that the availability and cost of ProRes Master files can vary widely depending on a number of factors, and may not be accessible to all individuals or organizations.

  8. What song was used in "Justify My Love (Video Interlude)" before Madonna closed the door in the video? Is it a sample or did she compose the part herself for the "Justify My Love (Video Interlude)"?


    1. hzmajesty


      That's something I would ask Kevin Antunes via Instagram as he was the musical director. He's responded to me before in the past and is very kind, I'm sure he'd have the right answer for you.

  9. Check out "Give It 2 Me (Master VOB 576p)" if you haven't seen it yet:



  10. I LOVE the movie "The Ring" and the soundtrack! It's so dark and sad. It's perfect! Do you love it too? :D


  11. What's the name of the photographer who took the pictures of the "Material Girl" music video? And are these pictures from 1984 or 1985?



    1. Rob72


      The music video was shot January 10th & 11th 1985, at Ren-Mar Studios in Hollywood, California.

  12. I want a kiss from Robert Pattinson too :Madonna023:

    Now I feel bad for not being famous and successful so I can find an attractive amazing boyfriend quickly and easily lol :Madonna041:

    1. Confessions Lightside

      Confessions Lightside

      Guys, how are you dealing with emotional pain? :Madonna021:

  13. You only see what you want to see... So far, the answers here have been very factual and serious. I have to admit that the original headline of the post "Madonna & Pedophilia" was inappropriate and indirectly implied wrong things. I recognized that and changed the headline accordingly and worded it more factually. And the reason I did that was because I DON'T want to put Madonna down, I just wanted to talk about that side of her SEX book.
  14. Sounds really dangerous. Luckily I don't have grindr.
  15. Confessions On A Dance Floor - Hung Up Ray Of Light - Nothing Really Matters Erotica - Bad Girl Music - I Derseve It Like A Virgin - Angel MDNA - Falling Free Hard Candy - 4 Minutes Bedtime Stories - Take A Bow American Life - Die Another Day Madonna - Lucky Star True Blue - Papa Don't Preach Like A Prayer - Keep It Together Rebel Heart - Devil Pray Madame X - I Don't Search I Find
  16. Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. I really appreciate that! The question I ask myself is: Should I look critically at what Madonna has done or described? I don't know how I should define my morality for that. I'm only 18 years old myself and haven't had any sexual experiences yet. So I can't really say much on the subject. I know that there are some adults who specifically target younger ones because they can be better exploited. But I can't imagine that this was Madonna's intention. I guess she just wanted to have some fun. It's legitimate for an adult to have sex with an teenanger boy if both parties agree and no one is being taken advantage of? Or is it always morally reprehensible as an adult to engage in this due to the lack of emotional maturity of the teenanger boy? Just to be clear to everyone, I definitely don't want to badmouth Madonna. I want to improve my moral thinking and the best way to do that is to talk about it.
  17. That makes sense. Was it okay that I asked the question? In the end I just wanted to be enlightened and I got many helpful answers (including from vadge, EgoRod, Roy, mikenmark, cake and many more). What I can summarize from all the great answers is: the boy in the szeaniro could have been 18-19 years old (legitimate age) it's all fiction anyway if story is based on real experiences, then was from a time when Madonna herself was 18-20 years old (also legitimate age) even if the teenager was 15-16 years old, that can be overlooked because Madonna was also young and everything sexual in the story was consensual and as I said, it's all fiction and the book is about presenting the reader with different sexual fantasies and perspectives Actually logical when I think about it, but sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. The same thing happened to me in therapy lol. I realized so many things there that are actually obvious.
  18. In fact, I didn't know everything in it was fiction. Unfortunately, I don't own the SEX book. (I rarely read books in general. I know, shame on me.) Thanks to the great answers here, I am much more enlightened now. So thank you very much!
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