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  1. jonski43

    AFAIK, nobody knows how many were saved. 138 is the number that was etched into the disc - Orlake W0138TP and for some reason people think that's how many were saved.
  2. jonski43

    No, You Thrill Me was the original chorus to Erotica. There's never been an actual song called 'You Thrill Me', it's just two versions of Erotica, the first with the You Thrill Me lyrics, the second with the released lyrics. The confessions version was just a re-worked version of the first demo version of Erotica. Hope that is clear
  3. jonski43

    As above, I'm in the UK and I'm hoping paypal works. It was released on Friday so I'll see if it arrives!
  4. jonski43

    Reallly? Thanks. I thought it was shot in 91.
  5. jonski43

    Well, worth knowing for next time. They've sold out this time. Oh well! Thanks!
  6. jonski43

    I've ordered from there before but it wouldn't let me pick the UK or any other European country?
  7. jonski43

    But then how do I get it to myself in the UK?
  8. jonski43

    great thanks! Fingers crossed
  9. jonski43

    thanks. Hopefully I can find a copy in the midlands or London!
  10. jonski43

    Really, where's that?
  11. Stay. I turned over the LAV single and played it and was blown away that it was actually a great song as B-sides were normally really dull.
  12. jonski43

    Yes, this and the French Glamour magazine were all shot as part of the Sex sessions. Love the pictures in the magazines!
  13. jonski43

    There are official French, German, Spanish, UK and Japanese editions. The Japanese version came in two types of boxes. There are literally only one or two dick shots in the book and a bumhole! UK and US are the same except for the barcode details I think. It really isn't that explicit in terms of genitalia. It's bush, tits and bums really.
  14. jonski43

    Firstly, it's pretty reliable in certain circumstances; I think crooks and governments have got better information to change than Madonna's discography FFS. Secondly, the quote is from The Erotica Diaries written by Shep so yes, it's reliable. And yes, Junior worked on Love Hurts before Shep worked on Erotica. The thread is about what was the evolution of the song so I don't see what the problem is? Love Hurts clearly went on to become Erotica.
  15. jonski43

    Checking out the Erotica entry on Wikipeida, it seems the order could be more like: -Love Hurts -Erotica (Instrumental Demo) - prepared by Shep as one of four tracks he presented to Madonna -Erotica (Rough Mix - 1992.01.15) -Erotica (Final Demo 1 - 1992.01.16) -Erotica (Final Demo 2 - 1992.01.16) -Erotic (included on the SEX Book CD) -Erotica (Album Version / Pre-Final Mix) From Wikipedia: While they were mixing a song called "Erotic", which was released as promotional single on her Sex book, Pettibone recalled: "You have all these great stories in the book," I told her, "Why don't you use them in the song?" I knew that Madonna was developing a 1930s dominatrix look for Erotica, but I didn't realize how far she was willing to go before I saw Sex. It contained stories authored by her mysteriously dark alter [ego], Dita. Madonna took the book and walked out of the room and didn't come back until about half an hour later. Suddenly she was on the mic, speaking in this very dry voice. "My name is Dita," she said, "and I'll be your mistress tonight." I knew that the original "Erotica" would never be the same again, and it wasn't. The chorus and bridge were changed entirely and the whole psyche of the song became sexier, more to the point. It seemed as if Dita brought out the best in her, actually serving as a vehicle for the dangerous territory she was traveling. Actually, it was the same name Madonna used when she'd stay in hotels around the world. Not anymore.[6]