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  1. Did they save the best of the 80s mixes until last deliberately or by accident though. So great to finally get them this year
  2. It sounds like we are confident now that Causing a Commotion is defo coming soon. Whats the feeling on Dress You Up? 🤞 It was definitely one of my most played 80s 12” Madonna records, along with Causing A Commotion and Gambler, and was my favourite 12” extended version from the Madonna and LAV LPs.
  3. I see that the three Who’s That Girl tracks were Madonna’s YouTube channel 13 hours ago. But the view counts are all tiny, because they’re buried way down the list in the Releases tab as an ‘album’, so no one knows the new uploads are there. I presume that all of the plays are happening on the dedicated YouTube Music app though
  4. On topic of possible Oh Father single, there’s always the UK single, which had Live To Tell from Who’s That Girl tour/Ciao Italia. They might do a single with the 7” edit, album version, Live To Tell (live) and maybe Why’s It So Hard? (live) again, even though we got it on I’ll Remember
  5. I didn’t realise all of those truly comprehensive Kylie digital singles had been reclassified on streaming from singles to albums. Very strange. I always thought it was a shame that the deluxe editions of the PWL albums aren’t on streaming, but the digital singles make up for that.
  6. Aside from speculating about the Rusty Egan mixes and dubs of Everybody that we know Madonna didn’t like, it would be cool if we finally get a reissue of the original LP version of Burning Up as part of the Warner deal. I’ve always liked it, but outside of a super deluxe edition of Madonna, there’s never been any reason for it to be made available again. It’s like it was replaced on so early on that it’s been deliberately forgotten about. I’ve seen comments that it sounds like a demo and was improved upon, but I don’t think it’s bad. Does anyone know if this 7” edit of the original mix is official or fan made?
  7. True, but with so many complete studio albums in her back catalogue, I can see them getting overlooked anyway :( Something to Remember has three new songs, with associated remixes from the single and DJ promo for LDLHA, Instrumental and Spanish/Spanglish versions of You’ll See. So there’s potential to easily fill at least one CD with extras for an expanded edition, without digging into the archives for any previously unreleased material
  8. There’s so much they could put on an expanded You Can Dance. The original mixed tracks album, the remix edits that they’ve given on streaming now, all of the full length versions from the 12” promos and finally all of the dub versions from the 12” promos. I remember being confused that I had a different track listing of dub versions on my cassette of You Can Dance than the CD that I bought later on. I’ve always suspected for a long time, that if Madonna did ever approve expanded editions of her albums, that You Can Dance, Who’s That Girl (OST), Something to Remember, wouldn’t get new deluxe versions. I’ve got my doubts about I’m Breathless as well, even though there are widely available remixes of Vogue and Hanky Panky that they could easily throw on a second CD for a minimum effort expanded release.
  9. So on a scale of zero to minus ten, how likely is it that Madonna will approve the UK 7” and 12” remixes and dub versions of Everybody to be re-released as part of the Warner back catalogue deal? Was just listening to the dub versions by Rusty Egan on YouTube. Not heard them before. One of the comments says sounds like they were trying to make it fit in with the popular New Wave sound in the UK at the time. It’s got me wondering what remixes specifically aimed at the contemporary UK music scene of Burning Up and Physical Attraction might have sounded like? There’s so many tracks I’d like to see on a Madonna/first album expanded edition. The extended remix of Everybody from the 1987 12” promo is something I really want. I sent local currency in the post to a Madonna fan in Asia in the late 90s to make me CD-Rs of my requests for remixes that he had, had to do it blind not knowing which ones were good, and I always loved listening to this complete version of the mix from You Can Dance. Would they save these full versions of Into the Groove, Over and Over, Where’s the Party, etc, from the 12” promos for a special edition of You Can Dance? (I’ve long suspected that if expanded albums were ever issued for Madonna that they wouldn’t do one for You Can Dance).
  10. Just had a search on Youtube for ‘Who’s That Girl remix edit’ to see what came up. I presume all fan made edits 3:23 4:41 3:14 And finally this with no intro ‘wind’ synth sound at all, which I quite like as an alternative option(!) Fans always fill in these discography gaps, like lack of an official remix edit
  11. Thank you for the recommendation. I’ve got a YouTube account and I’m downloading the YouTube Music app to give it a try
  12. Thank you for the recommendation. Downloading it now to give it a try
  13. I was the remix/edit, but as it was promo only track, I agree they won’t give it it to us If I was Warner I would release a second remix compilation. It would be the perfect home for the remix / edit of Dress You Up. A compilation of single length mixes has got to have been good for Madonna’s streaming stats. There’s a lot of great remixes that aren’t readily available (outside of fan uploads on YouTube) in a single length edit that they could compile.
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