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  1. Have there ever been any rumours of the Re-invention Tour live tracks, released on the I’m Going To Tell You A Secret CD, getting added to music streaming platforms?
  2. Still hoping they put another single on for Secret with Let Down Your Guard. Can include the Secret Instrumental to round it out a bit, with the Edit again as well
  3. Still hoping they put another single on for Secret with Let Down Your Guard. Can include the Secret Instrumental to round it a bit, with the Edit again as well
  4. When did this talk of the unreleased Warning Signs start? Sounds like the kind of thing that they’d use as a selling point for a special edition album. I’d like to believe that Madonna will start giving us genuinely songs as part of the Warner deal, but it seems so unlikely based on her attitude this far
  5. If Madonna hasn’t had major hit ballads since Something to Remember as suggested above, than perhaps an expanded edition of the existing album would be more successful than a follow up with different tracks entirely. I would add a second disc to include The Look of Love Promise To Try Pray For Spanish Eyes Bad Girl In This Life Love Tried To Welcome Me You Must Love Me The Power of Goodbye To Have Not To Hold Has To Be Time Stood Still Gone Nothing Fails X-static Process Devil Wouldn’t Recognise You Ghosttown Messiah
  6. So do we reckon Don’t Tell Me is definitely next, in a couple of weeks time? Strange to think that Cyber Raga will be on streaming before Ain’t No Big Deal, when that song was used as a b-side on Dress You Up (Japan), Papa Don’t Preach (UK/Germany) and True Blue (US/Japan).
  7. I think we will get digital singles eventually for the long overlooked Who’s That Girl era Who’s That Girl: LP Version Extended Version Dub Version White Heat (LP Version) Causing A Commotion: Silver Screen Single Mix Silver Screen Mix Movie House Mix Dub Jimmy Jimmy (LP Version)
  8. If you were putting together a follow up to Something to Remember, what would your track listing be? And what would you title the collection? Take A Bow, perhaps? After the dance chart number ones compilation, it might be nice for Warner to shine a light on some beautiful gems in the back catalogue. With Bad Girl finally getting shown some love on the Celebration Tour, it got me thinking that Madonna’s slower tempo contemplative songs and love songs often get overlooked or comparatively forgotten outside of the fan base. My short list of tracks for inclusion would be: Angel The Look of Love Promise To Try Pray For Spanish Eyes Bad Girl In This Life Love Tried To Welcome Me You Must Love Me Nothing Really Matters The Power of Goodbye To Have And Not To Hold Has To Be Be Careful (with Ricky Martin) Time Stood Still Nothing Fails Joan of Arc Messiah And the long list: Shoo-Bee-Doo Sooner or Later What Can You Lose? Inside of Me Drowned World/Substitute For Love Gone I Deserve It X-static Process Easy Ride Miles Away Masterpiece Falling Free Hold Tight HeartBreakCity Or why not dust off some unreleased songs? Corazon (Be Careful) solo version Like A Flower If You Go Away I Can’t Forget Love Won’t Wait Arioso
  9. It’s a shame that the digital singles are sticking to the maxi single track listings and not giving us more anymore. Giving us mixes like the TPOG Fabien’s Good God Edit would make sense as I’m sure that shorter mixes would get more plays. Modern tracks and mixes are definitely taking account of shorter attention spans. Looking at the singles still not on streaming, got me wondering, why did the 1995 UK single of Oh Father use the album version rather than the previously released 7” edit? The Like A Prayer anniversary album is on streaming with an Oh Father ‘single version’, so I can’t see them bothering to put Oh Father single on streaming separately. I used to play the live version of Whys it So Hard on my Oh Father UK CD single a lot, so I’d love it on streaming, but I just can’t see them giving us an obscure UK only track listing on digital.
  10. That was a lovely looking collectible. I was thinking of a compilation though. Often an artist releases a compilation titled “The Singles Collection”, when only a few of their singles were actually significant hits 😆 But a singles collection for M that collated all her singles chronologically would be valid, instead of another ‘greatest hits’, as some of her singles always get overlooked. Kim Wilde issued all of her singles across three CDs a few years ago, plus a b-sides disc, remix disc and promo videos on two DVDs. A comprehensive set with everything related to her singles. An equivalent for Madonna, even without promo videos on DVD and bonus remixes bundled in would be pretty cool.
  11. Be interested to hear what people think… Do you reckon that Warner will ever release a Complete Singles Collection for Madonna? And if they did, do you reckon it would be US singles only? Meaning no Gambler, The Look of Love, Dear Jessie, One More Chance, Drowned World, etc. I don’t know how many CDs it would take to accommodate the shortest edit of every single at this point, but as vinyl seems to be the priority format now for raking in money from collectors I would imagine that viability on the vinyl format would be the key decider. It would definitely take a lot more than the twelve discs of Finally Enough Love box set and cost a lot more too. Even if the physical copies on vinyl were v expensive and limited if need be, I still think that such a project would be a great thing for her streaming channels. At least then we would have all of her singles consistently mastered at the same levels. Much better experience for listening / making playlists on streaming too. Ideally all in Dolby Atmos to get the release mentioned by music blogs rounding up the best back catalogue tracks in the format, flagged up by Apple Music for being in the format, etc. As her hits from American Life onwards had never got their own dedicated hits collection, a GHV3(?!), it’s really noticeable that a lot of the singles like American Life never got to appear on a singles collection… until Finally Enough Love, which isn’t quite the same thing but as it stand is as close at will get for some songs. I think that even if a new greatest hits compilation is released around the tour (or more likely Celebration is reissued on vinyl), it will just be another non chronological jumble with the same songs being excluded yet again. A complete singles collection is the only way that tracks like Angel are ever going to be acknowledged again as part of her Charts history.
  12. Madonna loves to not give her fans what they want. It’s like a point of principle with her. I’m not sure I even believe that there will be expanded album reissues at this point…. and if there are then I kind of assume that they will be super disappointing. Just giving a selection of remixes previously available on the commercially released CD and vinyl singles at the time. The digital singles reissues campaign is just painfully slow and protracted. I wouldn’t even care if I could still copy my mp3s over to my iPhone to play through the Apple Music app. I know they all sounds negative/pessimistic, but I’ve been a fan for so long that I know how it is.
  13. Have we had any confirmation since that initial press release that the back catalogue campaign with Warner will include expanded versions of her albums? I somehow doubt that there will be a second volume to Finally Enough Love, but somehow it would feel like a more believable rumour right now than the official announcement of an expanded classic album. Madonna doesn’t like dedicating too much time to past work and I think that since Finally Enough Love and those dodgy collabs that working on the Celebration tour has become the sole focus of her ‘revisiting the past’ energies.
  14. Nothing on Madonna’s Facebook or Twitter about the Drowned World digital single. I guess she wants all her eyes on her Madame X Tour picture discs posts
  15. Great to get another digital single at last. why is it categorised in ‘albums’ on Apple Music? It needs moving to Singles/EPs. As does Hollywood 🙄
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