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Status Updates posted by Would You Like To Try

  1. My trip just ended i am going back

  2. Coming tomorrow remastered Like a Prayer Demo Tape

    Remastered manually

  3. Next big release before ending my trip to this place.All remastered for club uses

    *4th track coming soon at final release



  4. Remastered Express Yourself Video Edit Coming Soon!:Madonna009:

  5. This may bring nostalgia to the first itunes downloaders of the confessions on a dancefloor album


    1. Prayer


      It does! Literally it was the first album I listened on my first iPod. :cute:

  6. Happy birthday Lady Gaga thanks for all songs you have done for us and your underrated ARTPOP

  7. alternate holiday cover


    1. jross


      Great colorizing job! Can you do the same colors to this one from the Gary Heery session? 


  8. Currently playing the finally enough love CD🔥

  9. The tracks on She's breathless are now remastered on my phone and edited

    They are coming

  10. Coming soon

    Expected 15 tracks and new remaster as a promo for my new big project Finally Enough Edits


  11. New single "Dress You Up (remix #2) (fade in and out)" from my new edits compilation album coming soon.With remaster 

  12. "I don't think we should wait"

    Sneak peek


  13. Just bought my first Madonna CD🔥

    1. Confessions Lightside
    2. Would You Like To Try

      Would You Like To Try

      Finally Enough Love the album that made me a fan

  14. Into The Groove reimagine releases 

  15. Happy birthday Christina Grimmie!May you rest in peace

  16. Expected tracklist will have 10 tracks,only 3 are finished or editedScreenshot_2023-03-12-10-34-50-097_com.google.android_apps.youtube.music-edit.thumb.jpg.a271bc4596726a4340fbca113c37b0c5.jpg


  17. More tracks coming soon to release this EP


  18. I think i have the new river song of Miley Cyrus 

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