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  1. Wtf??? 100 times better Mambo & Ed Sheeran collaboration if I had to choose! Thank you Maluma makes my blood boil! ????‍♂️ She needs to put an end to it...
  2. Yeah, why not?! What she did with Maluma was so embarrasing ?? So yeah, it would be a truly incredible chance to see the two of them on the same stage for example. But she probably thinks he's not handsome...
  3. Hahaha Nothing like a good spanky ??
  4. 1 - Ray of Light 2 - Like a Prayer 3 - Like a Virgin 4 - True Blue 5 - Madonna 6 - Confessions on a Dance Floor 7 - Bedtime Stories 8 - Erotica 9 - Music 10 - I'm Breathless 11 - American Life 12 - Rebel Heart 13 - MDNA 14 - Hard Candy 15 - Madame X. It's not an album for everyone.
  5. It should have been aborted. ???
  6. I should update the list. 1) Mierdellín. 2) Bitch I'm Loca 3) Bitch I'm Madonna 4) Champagne Rosé 5) Faz Gostoso 6) Future 7) Crave 8) Holy Water 9) Auto-tune Baby 10) Illuminati 11) Crazy 12) Incredible  13) Superstar 14) S.E.X. 15) Gang Bang + Funana /Back That Up To The Beat/Ciao Bella ??
  7. Awesome! ????? Unplugged!! ???? I need this version Mambo!!!
  8. ???????? Just pure bliss to the ears! I want to listen to it in full! Frozen totally live in its entirety, please! ? Still, so excited to see an EPK (for example) with a voice in shape! That is my wish!!
  9. Put it in context! I meant in the general sense. I can't stand the kind of fan who praises everything Madonna does. Period. By the way! Is it bad to wish a compilation album? More in Madonna's case when she has a VAST catalog of unreleased songs and concerts out there surely... Is it bad to wish an Unplugged (or The Abbey Road Sessions) this time? Pd. I won't give up my crown that easily dear...
  10. +1. It'd be interesting. An orchestral compilation album? Yeah absolutely! ??? Celebrating the anniversary of an iconic album for example. That + an album of UNRELEASED/NEW SONGS too. That would be a GREAT idea! A double album with 2 discs yeah! One live, in the studio and in rehearsal/Unplugged oriented, and the second one with unreleased tracks. I would buy that! Okay Mambo?
  11. I know sweetie ? Pd. I'm sorry, but I don't get to understand the complacency some of you find with everything that Madame X does. ?
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