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  1. Wtf??? 100 times better Mambo & Ed Sheeran collaboration if I had to choose! Thank you Maluma makes my blood boil! ????‍♂️ She needs to put an end to it...
  2. Yeah, why not?! What she did with Maluma was so embarrasing ?? So yeah, it would be a truly incredible chance to see the two of them on the same stage for example. But she probably thinks he's not handsome...
  3. Hahaha Nothing like a good spanky ??
  4. 1 - Ray of Light 2 - Like a Prayer 3 - Like a Virgin 4 - True Blue 5 - Madonna 6 - Confessions on a Dance Floor 7 - Bedtime Stories 8 - Erotica 9 - Music 10 - I'm Breathless 11 - American Life 12 - Rebel Heart 13 - MDNA 14 - Hard Candy 15 - Madame X. It's not an album for everyone.
  5. It should have been aborted. ???
  6. I should update the list. 1) Mierdellín. 2) Bitch I'm Loca 3) Bitch I'm Madonna 4) Champagne Rosé 5) Faz Gostoso 6) Future 7) Crave 8) Holy Water 9) Auto-tune Baby 10) Illuminati 11) Crazy 12) Incredible  13) Superstar 14) S.E.X. 15) Gang Bang + Funana /Back That Up To The Beat/Ciao Bella ??
  7. Awesome! ????? Unplugged!! ???? I need this version Mambo!!!
  8. ???????? Just pure bliss to the ears! I want to listen to it in full! Frozen totally live in its entirety, please! ? Still, so excited to see an EPK (for example) with a voice in shape! That is my wish!!
  9. Put it in context! I meant in the general sense. I can't stand the kind of fan who praises everything Madonna does. Period. By the way! Is it bad to wish a compilation album? More in Madonna's case when she has a VAST catalog of unreleased songs and concerts out there surely... Is it bad to wish an Unplugged (or The Abbey Road Sessions) this time? Pd. I won't give up my crown that easily dear...
  10. +1. It'd be interesting. An orchestral compilation album? Yeah absolutely! ??? Celebrating the anniversary of an iconic album for example. That + an album of UNRELEASED/NEW SONGS too. That would be a GREAT idea! A double album with 2 discs yeah! One live, in the studio and in rehearsal/Unplugged oriented, and the second one with unreleased tracks. I would buy that! Okay Mambo?
  11. I know sweetie ? Pd. I'm sorry, but I don't get to understand the complacency some of you find with everything that Madame X does. ?
  12. Hmmm really? We all know what songs they would include in a Madonna greatest hits. But for an essential/compilation album for example, which includes both "hits" or popular songs and some other unknown songs? No way, I think. Anyway, they must think it's better to milk fans the money and release the umpteenth collection of songs again and again and again. ??? We'll see!
  13. If that were to be true, I'll be the first to explode and complain, because that won't be any deluxe edition with unreleased songs but a cheap pack to milk us our money again. Sure.
  14. ?? Yep, Soltera!!! Another mistake... Will she just record whatever crap she receives from now on, like she does with Medellín or Champagne? ??
  15. Ermmm... apparently this #ss is such a mistery. Yep! She looks absolutely amazing here...
  16. It's scary. Yeah, cos she needs to come back with a bunch of powerful songs, both in vocals and in melodies, and none of these (Medellín, Crave and even I Rise in some moments) meet that criteria I'm afraid.
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