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  1. I’m glad that Body Shop, Superstar, Holy Water, X-static Process, Forbidden Love 94, Don't Stop, Living for Love, She's Not Me, Bitch I'm Madonna, I Love New York were included and given good reviews.
  2. Falling Free I’m Addicted or I F..... Up
  3. She moved on. People were left behind. That’s how I’d prefer you see it.
  4. Wow, thank you, that blew my mind. TUTBMPlayground being about all the friends she lost to AIDS is news to me. Have always loved this song , but my adoration for it has now grown ten fold with this new bit of information.
  5. Love this song. It’s not wimpy like Hung Up.
  6. ‘Nothing in this book is true. I made it all up.’ That’s a direct quote from the book. Case dismissed.
  7. First off, your first line of argument that the cause of the Tigray genocide -was genocidal codes inherited from the British-was debunked. I’m glad you acknowledged that. If you were anywhere decent you would have condemned the responsible party. But you didn’t. You minimized the genocide to a mere war. Then you landed on another excuse. Christianity. Really? Even if I give you that, which I don’t, then why can’t you use the same excuse to brush aside the European colonizers’ crimes that you so passionately condemn. Clearly Christianity was not a European invention. Christianity arose in Judaea. Early Christians were persecuted by the Romans (of the Roman Empire). Now that’s another twist that would have you squirm. Furthermore, I do not appreciate-being harangued by idiotic Do- Gooders Gone Wrong, and bullies sending me abusive texts on PMs. So I will refrain from responding on this topic any further. And I would appreciate it if you would not direct posts at me on this specific issue.
  8. Listen, i responded to a post sent to me. I was willing to let this discussion end. My post at the beginning of this page will clear any questions you might have concerning what I’m about.
  9. Thank you for this. I would like to add that the African ethnic cleansing situation I mentioned earlier happened in Ethiopia, Tigray region. Now Ethiopia is one of the very few nations in Africa that is credited as never being colonized. Italians had lost a war in their attempt to colonize it at first. And later though Italy had waged another war and stayed in Ethiopia for a mere five years, it was met with fierce resistance and was never able to set up a stable government. And it was driven out soon after. So, Ethiopia had always prided itself in being a black symbol of freedom. And the seat of the AU is in its capital. Tigray a region at the northern tip of this nation was primarily responsible for defeating the Italians at Adwa, and ridding of them on their second attempt of colonization. The people of Tigray were also responsible for the quick economic development of the country these past thirty years. They transformed the nation from the state of poverty it was in and made it a success. About two years ago the newly elected leader conspired with a neighboring nation of Eritrea, and waged a full on war on Tigray. The region was under siege. No food or medical supplies could get in. And drones and heavy weaponry supplied by Turkey, U A E, Iran were used to target residential towns, factories, power stations. This went on for two years. Half a million civilians died as a result. Tens of thousands of women were raped mostly by Eritrean troops while the Ethiopian troops looked on. Yet again through sheer will and valor Tigray remained undefeated. Ethiopia’s economy had hit rock bottom because of the war, about half a million of Ethiopia’s troops had died, and so eventually the government decided to end the war, sign a peace deal and resume talks with the Tigray forces. This is a case I have witnessed first hand. And I can assure you, all responsibility lies with the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments. Your colonization code has no bearing here cause the country was never colonized. Africa takes full responsibility here. The AU wasn’t vocal about the human rights abuse going on in Tigray and even supported the war. The West though were vocal yet slow in their deliberations. People were burnt alive for being from Tigray. In this day and age people were hunted down , imprisoned, tortured, and put in concentration camps. Many died from this abuse. I can’t even go through some of the heinous deeds that were done. People’s heads were cut and put on sticks as a sign of I don’t know what. All these things and many more were done by Africans to Africans in the past two years. The West, or your colonization codes have no bearing on this genocide as I have explained. Though I am Ethiopian I would like to add that I am not Tigrayan. That might help you see that this story is not biased. With regards to Madonna it is an Ethiopian agency that filed child trafficking complaints on Madonna. They fear she’s turning her kids gay. If they could dare come after an international superstar with this bullshit, just imagine what they are doing to the queer community in their midst. Your handling of Africa with kid gloves, and making excuses for deeds they clearly don’t regret, is insulting to me on a personal level.
  10. Listen, I think we should end this discussion here. Very offensive things were said, and heated reactions were made. That’s all there is to it.
  11. You said you have other concerns apart from the queer community, when I stressed the dangers their lives are in , in certain places. I didn’t take it literally.
  12. On a related and sillier note, Madonna didn’t like being called Madge until she discovered it referred to ‘majesty’.
  13. Well the queer community is high on my list. Difference of priorities I guess.
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