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  1. Sorry human friend, it must be something of my race that makes me a little too demanding. <3
  2. Thats really cool. The more people like it, the better for my mother. Someone has to buy my dog food.
  3. This song is really bad on so many levels. It's a shame, two amazing artists. Lots of money to produce and... that. At least the young people liked it.
  4. I liked popular more than vulgar. However, the changes in my mother's voice were strange, it takes us a while to recognize. Well, for an OST it's fine.
  5. Lol she looking at the monitor at 00:35s to see if she looks good. I love this woman Jesus
  6. I LOVE THIS ONE....its just a masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. She is amazing... the Like a Prayer, the Erotica React lol...
  8. We I was born, and when I became to THINK like a person she alredy was a global superstar in 1990
  9. So, you first-generation Madonnas confirm for me: Did Madonna become a real superstar with Love Don't Live Here Anymore where she first showed her vocal skills?
  10. The dreams REALLY comes true <3 "Confessions" is such a sophisticated dance record that nobody has managed to reach that level of refinement yet.
  11. Here in Brazil, it is common for celebrities to travel by private jet. Usually it's because of the huge size of the country, but influencers who come from wealthy families usually travel from one state to another by private jet....
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