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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    So before MDNA Skin launches in the US on September 26 I thought I would let you know what kind of product it is. I live in Japan so I have access to it and have been using it since day one of release back in 2014. Chrome Clay Mask: The original formula for the chrome clay mask was much better than the one they use now. It applied to the skin much smoother and was lighter in color. Now it is a darker grey and applies very sticky and thick which means you use more of it and have to buy more...done on purpose perhaps. The batteries for the magnetic remover / massager run out quickly, although it is fun to remove the chrome clay, comes off fairly smoothly leaving a minimal trace usually around the eyes. Magnet is VERY powerful, keep it away from metallic objects. The Eye Serum: Little goes a long way, lasts a long time. You only need a tiny amount and is quite strong on puffy eyes. Recommended. Face Wash: Probably my favorite face wash, smells great-hint of rose and lemon, can't really pin point the smell. Face is instantly tight, fresh and clean. Lasts quite a while too. Needs only two pushes form the bottle and foams quite nicely. Serum: Two squirts is all you need, apply after face wash. Skin is glowing all day. Small bottle, does run out after a couple months but is incredible. Rose Mist: My favorite. I use throughout the day to get a refreshing boost to my skin. I use it at work when I feel tired, or when I'm traveling. Three pushes from the bottle and the rose smelling mist acts as a refreshing boost to you skin. Eye Mask: Ridiculously overprice. The Eye Serum is good enough. They are quite big and annoying on the eyes. Keep them in the fridge and apply them for a cool boost, but I haven't bought these since my first pack. Don't recommend. Finishing Cream: Haven't tried it yet. Just released. Keep in mind Japanese company MTG made it and asked Madonna to be the sponsor behind it. She didn't come up with this by herself from scratch. It's a partnership.
  2. jaybird1313

    Hello all, Does anyone have an MP4 version of the Who's That Girl Tour in Japan? Have been looking for this for a while. Thanks xxx
  3. jaybird1313

    Hello all, Does anyone have an MP4 version of the Who's That Girl Tour in Japan? Have been looking for this for a while. Thanks xxx
  4. NEWS ZERO, NTV Japan, 11PM, 18th Feb 2016