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Found 3 results

  1. stevie8400

    Hey guys ! I decided to sing Like a Virgin -- thought I would share here! - would love to know if you enjoyed / what you think / constructive criticism ! I think I will do Open Your Heart next !
  2. Which is your favorite tour performance of Like A Virgin? Are you here for the parody? How about the chilling? Controversial? Carefree? Rebirth? Discuss below! I will be making more topics like this comparing different tour versions of songs.
  3. MTV UK: You’ve been in Ibiza a lot and most recently collected the Legends Award at the International Music Summit. What do you think it takes to become a legend? […] When I was working with Madonna, she used to walk into the studio and wonder why we were laughing so much, like ‘How do you guys get any work done?’ I take my job very seriously, but I always try to make it fun, because the most you may ever get out of it is the fun you have in the time that you’re doing it. MTV UK: You mentioned Madonna; what’s one of your fondest memories of working on Like A Virgin with her? Nile: That was really phenomenal. People don’t give Madonna the real respect and credit that’s due her, she absolutely is the single hardest working person I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with literally hundreds of stars. Madonna shows up early, stays late, she’ll do every single task you want her to do and more. She’s the kind of person that you dream about. She brings the superstar thing and she brings a work ethic unlike anything you’ve ever seen. For me it’s like a dream come true. Probably one of the easiest records of my life I’ve ever made. Read the rest of his interview with MTV UK