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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Rebel Hearts ive been vising some sites through web that used to create iTunes LPs like what was Officialy on Sticky And Sweet Tour's Live Album : and also there is for COADF and Erotica which are fanmade i found this pic and vid of a fanmade MDNA Album LP : does any of u guys have this? or can create one for all albums? like someone did Fanmade Digital Booklets for Rebel Heart + Celebration + BTS?
  2. Which is your favorite tour performance of Like A Virgin? Are you here for the parody? How about the chilling? Controversial? Carefree? Rebirth? Discuss below! I will be making more topics like this comparing different tour versions of songs.
  3. TD1607

    Hi there, I was looking on the forum for a high quality version of the GGW video. I came across files that were tagged 'censored' and 'uncensored'... To be honest I don't see the difference (maybe cause I don't know what I have to look for). Could anyone explain what the difference is? I want to know out of curiosity now :-)
  4. xavierg93

    I have my very own phone case shop on Etsy! I know not many places make Madonna phone cases so i have some up and taking REQUEST of a photo you want ! trying to make some extra money and would love to make cases for people already made 2 so far and some for me. Check out the preview below! and shop link:
  5. I'm gonna have the entire look from her MDNA tour but the first part is here!
  6. Hello everyone! I am Thomas, I am the founder of the website , and I am writing an article on Madonna's "MDNA" to celebrate its 3-years anniversary. However I need your honest opinions on this album, following these different points: -What do you think of this album as a whole? -Which songs clearly stand out, 3 years later? -Has your opinion changed over the course of 3 years? -What do you think of the promo/singles choices/aesthetic? -What did you like, or dislike, about the MDNA Tour? Any answer is appreciated, and you would obviously be featured in the article. I stand as neutral in this article, so you can be honest on whether you did like or not the album. Thank you in advance, you can find a link to my other article on Madonna right here: Thank you very much!!!
  7. Hi guys, A world contest to elect the best live act of 2014 was launched ! :-D Madonna can't lose We've until the second of january to make him win! Let's prove that the queen of pop has the best fans ever. :-P The artist with the most likes and follows will win click her to participate And to remind us why to vote for her, here's a little concert video ;)'Olympia/Madonna