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  1. Hello everyone! So I was bored and doing something randomly in Photoshop and this was the result! An Erotica cover, 2017 version! What do you think?
  2. Watching The Girlie Show - Fukuoka What is your favourite performance of the show?
  3. Guest

    MDNA Skin

    So before MDNA Skin launches in the US on September 26 I thought I would let you know what kind of product it is. I live in Japan so I have access to it and have been using it since day one of release back in 2014. Chrome Clay Mask: The original formula for the chrome clay mask was much better than the one they use now. It applied to the skin much smoother and was lighter in color. Now it is a darker grey and applies very sticky and thick which means you use more of it and have to buy more...done on purpose perhaps. The batteries for the magnetic remover / massager run out quickly,
  4. Dear fans, I do not know how many of us will be left out by Ticketmaster's Verified Fan system, not receiving codes or tickets, and to not miss a fair opportunity to attend a show, I want to call all the fans with extra tickets and fans that need tickets, because re-sale web sites have up to 10 times more expensive prices, and often these are not real tickets, so from one fan to another fan, I want to open this post. Thank you And Long Live Madonna👑
  5. Actually, I only became a truly hard-fan last year (I know, it's a shame-ame-ame-ameeee)! But long ago I used to listen pratically Madonna on TV and radio (only COADF), because my mom was (and is) obsessed. It was only last year, that I heard Open Your Heart for the first time, in Britney's movie Crossroads, in that opening scene that she's singing OYH while in underwear! I was shocked! I immediately fell in love with that song, and then, I listened to every album from Madge, watched every tour and performances I could (still I haven't finished). I realized that my favorite era from he
  6. I've been listening to Madonna's whole discography again this week and it let me thinking... In your opinion, what songs from Madonna's albums should've been singles? In my opinion: â–ºMadonna: The First Album: â–ºLike a Virgin For me, they're both have the correct single choice. â–ºTrue Blue: Where's the Party White Heat â–ºLike a Prayer: Promise to Try â–ºErotica: Thief of Hearts In This Life Secret Garden â–ºBedtime Stories: Correct single choice. â–ºRay of Light: Sky fits Heaven Mer Girl â–ºMusic: I Deserve it Nobody's Perfect â–ºAm
  7. Act Of Contrition is the eleventh and final song from Madonna's third studio album "Like A Prayer" released in March 21, 1989. Little has been known about the track. Most of the people who listened to this track in the album considered this song as "mysterious, confusing and haunting." I am one of the people who considers this track as weird and mysterious at the same time. I was so confused when I listened to it. However, after many repetitions of listening to this song, I did my best to analyze what this track meant. So here are my personal analysis. You may agree to it or you may st
  8. "According to PPL Repertoire, Lana has recently registered a song titled "You Must Love Me." Fans believe it's the Madonna x Evita cover because not only is the title the same, but so is the duration of both songs. Lana's version clocks in at 2:44."
  9. In light of my previous topic in which I jokingly titled appropriately in honor of those who heavily criticize her or just plain hate her, I thought it would be fair to post something in support of how I truly feel about her exposing her... umm... well... Boobs! Let me just say, I LOVE IT! I have a feeling that even when she's 90 years old, she'll still be flashing us! She's been unleashing them long before she's been famous. Some claim she's had work to them, but I don't believe she's touched them. They've always been quite voluptuous. That said, like mentioned, she's been showing her a
  10. Guest

    Her Pussy!

    So what's your favorite Madonna video that features a cat? I added "What It Feels Like.." for fun since the car's license plates read "Pussy" on the front and "Cat" on the back. It was her "Pussy Cat". By the way, I had forgotten about this early shoot that featured a cat. There are variations from this shoot. Man, to be that cat back in the day.
  11. Been a while since I listened to either of these tracks, but nearly fell of my chair when I just realised that one samples the other. You can actually hear Prince's voice on Like A Prayer [Dub Beats]. The exact sample is "That skinny motherfucker with the high voice". Madonna - Like A Prayer [Dub Beats] Bob George - Prince So, still think Prince isn't the one playing guitar at the start of Supernatural?
  12. To celebrate Valentine's Day, Madonna uploaded Fever's video to her YT channel. It's not in HD, but in HQ (480p).
  13. I'm building a Madonna's portuguese website, but I need some help. I hope some of you can help me. I need some design tips, as I don't know how to make a decent and attractive logo and template. I'm using the Blogger platform. Please help me!
  14. Using such an amazing song to convince people that OS was good
  15. I don't know if a thread like this has already been made, but anyway... I thought it would be nice to post all the ''bonus'' songs performed at Rebel Heart Tour, that weren't on the setlist nor the DVD. [KYLIE MINOGUE SONG] [she also admits that she loves Kylie] Take a Bow [included on DVD, but only in Japan] [LOVE IT!!!] Substitute for Love Crazy for You Who's That Girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwnF-OpAj2k Frozen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_Dippce4r8 DCFM, Argentina If you have
  16. Madonna posted a photo on their social media that looks like the look of Express Yourself ... Hopefully, it may be a sign of the Blond Ambition DVD release!
  17. 2017 is the first year I can say I have heard it all! I spent much of 2015 and 2016 listening and acquiring all her songs on one format or another! A couple weeks ago I was listening to Turn Up the Radio (a remix) and got it stuck in my head. Its still running. And so I got to thinking about five Madonna songs that I have changed my mind about over the year, for the better! 1) Give It 2 Me: I have to admit that I thought this was never a good song, no where near as strong a single as 4 Minutes. But Give It 2 Me performed well enough as a single, just not in the US, which has the favored ro
  18. Photos by Cecil I Taylor from 1977 and other SEX book outtakes for audition http://www.gottahaverockandroll.com search Madonna
  19. I came across this while doing some research on Madonna. This article if from July 8th 1985, various papers reported this with the same basic info. There are dozens of articles from different sources with quotes from producer Howard Rosenman. Talk started in March 1985 and was still going through early 1986 (With the last start date mentioned as fall 1986) I can't find any movie that even remotely resembles this film (basically a new musical adaptation of Oliver Twist) So assume it never got made. What of the demo that was talked about? Does such a thing exist? In all my years
  20. I'm just curious as to why every other song on Hard Candy has a remix of some sort yet Spanish Lesson is left untouched. I know its ridiculed usually, but I absolutely love it, but it bugs me always just using the album version next to remixes of songs from the same album.
  21. I really love how Madonna is taking the Portuguese elements as an inspiration for the next album. Fado is a such beautiful type of music, and I hope the next Madonna's album has a lot of this. What do you think about Portuguese music? Or about Madonna using that for the next album?
  22. I mean... Just listen to these: Not to mention many of these and the ROL album itself.
  23. Is it? I really love the guitar part on the end. Also, if it is, can someone provide me a high quality audio of the demo?
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