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Found 5 results

  1. I open this thread to talk about the mysterious Secret video footage where Madonna looks like Marlene Dietrich. I've always wondered what happened to it? Wasn't Madonna satisfied with the result and consequently released the one we all know? Unreleased footage Released footage You can watch excerpts of the footage here: Any comments?
  2. After finding inspiration in @@KaitoXD's post on "Erotica" being a sexy album on favorite albums thread, I decided to make a poll for finding which album is sexier. I'll go with "Bedtime Stories" because although it is more romantic lyricswise, the smooth R&B vibe and Madonna's softer voice make the album sexier in my eyes. More explicitly speaking, "Erotica" is like having hard, dirty sex and then going partying whereas "Bedtime Stories" is making love with the one you're in love with all night long and then cuddle and sleep. Being an incurable romantic myself, I'll go with the latter one. What's your opinion?
  3. DiscoThomas

    Anyone else a big fan of.... I remember buying it on a shopping trip to Carlisle (here in the UK) and getting excited as the CD tray was blue, lol. I think it's one of her best albums. I play it a lot. Highlights: Inside Of Me, Love Tried To Welcome Me, Survival, Sanctuary, Human Nature, Take A Bow, Bedtime Story.... In fact, all of them!
  4. ariosoperfumegirl

    Is there any DL link for the remixes of Madonna's Don't Stop from Bedtime Stories? Like these ones:
  5. Hi guys I'm wondering if anyone could help with this Does anyone know if an instrumental exists for 'forbidden love' but keeping the whispers that go through the verses (by babyface I believe). May seem a random request but thought it'd be worth a shot Thanks!