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Found 5 results

  1. madgefan


    I'm not gonna rant on how much I love English electronic duo Goldfrapp. I will let the music speak for itself And this is part of their last album 'Tales of Us'. It's truly a masterpiece!!
  2. I'd never say the Sticky & Sweet is my favourite Madonna tour for a lot of reasons. Despite having the opportunity to see her live for the very first time (and very close to her stage), there were things that, in my opinion, were not on pair with other concerts she did previously. However, as anything Madonna has ever done, there were GREAT moments and the performance of the song Devil Wouldn't Recognize You is one of them. The effect caused by the extraordinary cylindrical screens was amazing. I remember all the people around me (fake posh in general) were open-mouthed It is definitely one of the best songs on Hard Candy and should have been released as a single, no matter if it was labeled as 'Cry Me a River (Part Deux).
  3. This ranking has nothing to do with any critic, sales, or score. Just me and my impressions on the music. I'm going at this only with how each album is in my own personal eyes, no two will be alike, no two need correlate because this is based on each users own opinion!! [*]True Blue [*]Confessions On A Dance Floor [*]American Life [*]Ray Of Light [*]Like A Prayer [*]Rebel Heart [*]Erotica [*]Madonna [*]Like A Virgin [*]Hard Candy [*]MDNA [*]Music [*]Bedtime Stories
  4. madgefan


    I am impressed no one has already started a topic about Madonna's Australian maid of honour lol Just kidding! I think Kylie is great, she's got lots of good singles. Her concerts are impressive, her production team has clearly worked their ass off since the year 2000 and those DVD releases are wonderful as hell (make Madonna's look like shit ). The release of her album 'Light Years' marked a milestone in her career, a revival in her way of doing promo, music videos and world tours. However, I don't think she's getting what she deserves in terms of artistic recognition... or maybe it's something she's not interested in. Her charisma is probably one of her most representative brands... What do you think about her? Discuss anything here, including her last album 'Kiss Me Once'
  5. Should Madonna have had a 3rd solo verse after Nas, referencing songs from Rebel Heart to make it a full reflection on her career to this point? I wrote this - and posted it on ATRL, so don't accuse me of copying because that's me, haha - as something I imagine it to be. What do you think?
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