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Found 4 results

  1. Actually, I only became a truly hard-fan last year (I know, it's a shame-ame-ame-ameeee)! But long ago I used to listen pratically Madonna on TV and radio (only COADF), because my mom was (and is) obsessed. It was only last year, that I heard Open Your Heart for the first time, in Britney's movie Crossroads, in that opening scene that she's singing OYH while in underwear! I was shocked! I immediately fell in love with that song, and then, I listened to every album from Madge, watched every tour and performances I could (still I haven't finished). I realized that my favorite era from hers is Erotica: the performances (I adore the SNL performances, awesome live vocals), the tour, and the album itself. I also love her bravery for releasing the SEX book, breaking all the tabus from that time. Every day that goes by, I fall in love more and more for this queen! Tell me yours now!
  2. I have been watching the show a couple of times trying to see if I can find myself on the crowd and I have seen so many fans. Have you found yourself already? I didnt find myself :( It seems the concert has parts of Barcelona, Miami, Australia and where else? What do you think??
  3. Independent Thinker

    I love Dr. Madonna's videos! You should check them out if you haven't already! He's got a really good one on Desperately Seeking Susan. This video features messages from various fans. Thought I'd share:
  4. We Madonna's brazilians fans need help for the "Rebel Heart" be marketed in all versions and is why we made this petition! We need a thousand signatures! We would be grateful if you could help, Thanks _Standard_e_Super_Deluxe/?sEysoib