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Found 3 results

  1. Dashfox

    Watching The Girlie Show - Fukuoka What is your favourite performance of the show?
  2. sumusicman

    So I just heard Fever from The Girlie Show Live from Tokyo for the first time and was amazed at what she did at the ending of the song..."What a lovely way to spend the rest of my life and burrr...urrnn"! I love all the changes/nuances she put in the songs during the course of this tour!'s a list of my favorites...can anyone add to this? Fever - "I'm burning up" and the aforementioned (Japan shows) Rain - "Never go away" repeated just before Just My Imagination and "oh baby" after (Fukuoka) Like A Virgin - "Gin and Tonic" (London) - why didn't she keep this in?? Deeper and Deeper - "Love to Love you Baby" (Mexico) & the extension of "I just want to love you right/hold you tight" (Japan shows) La Isla Bonita - "me, me me me me that's all i ever think about" (various) and "Lucy, you're in trouble!" (Toronto) Speech part - singing "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" (Buenos Aires) and "The Girl from Ipanema" (Rio) I'm sure I'm missing stuff (especially from Holiday and Everybody), but feel free to add in case I haven't discovered everything!
  3. · The Pre- Madonna Era · The First Album Era · The Like a Virgin Era · The True Blue Era · The Who’s That Girl/You Can Dance Era · The Like a Prayer Era · The Immaculate Breathless Blond Ambition Era · The Erotic Body of Girlie Sex Show Era Body of Evidence / SEX / EROTICA / GIRLIE SHOW Legacy: Sources: Timeline: · Overview · Unreleased · 1990-1991 · 1992 [January – June] · 1992 [July – December] · 1993 [January – June] · 1993 [July – December] · 1994 Press:'> Memorabilia: Videos: Articles: