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Found 2 results

  1. First Madonna Infinity topic! (I saw this was discussed last year on this forum... but let's really delve into it you guys! ) Okay I truly want to get this straight. Madonna's iconic, beautiful, striking above the right upper lip nevus has been part of her "signature" "classic" "old school" look since her career began. While many thought it was painted on or even fabricated/tattooed on, her iconic "beauty mark" has been one of her unique identifiers. I'm actually quite mesmerized by it. However, I noticed the mole started not making its appearance since around after Truth Or Dare (1991 to 1992) and was seemingly completely "erased" during the Erotica era onward. Many speculate she had it laser-removed for cosmetic reasons and many think she simply just started putting heavy makeup over it. Let me add that Madonna seems to also have had another bigger nevus removed from when she was an infant/toddler for possible medical reasons. The removal scar was on her lower right inner cheek and was somewhat visible on some photos/videos in the 80s like in the 1st pic above including this and this In recent eras from COADF until MDNA, I would see the mole very faintly faded when you zoomed in on HQ photos of her in public or by the press. Much to my delight and happiness, the mole made its public appearance again since 1992/1993 during the L'Uomo Italian Vogue magazine photoshoot. I was dying of joy seeing it again. My question is... what truly happened to her iconic mole? Why did she "erase" it? What were her reasons for removing it? Is it still there? Let's see what we can dig up and come to a conclusion with!
  2. Could anybody help me with this? I need the monologue that M says in the intro video before ICONIC. It's for something very special I'm making (https://soundcloud.com/cosmik/intro-rh-tour-work-in-progress-demo)
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