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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I read in the www that there might be a chance that M. is working for much longer on M14 than we might think. What do you guys think about the idea of her being the interval act (halftime act) for the ESC in LISBON May12. I think it would be a great way to start her (political?) Album with a great performance and the chance to reach a lot of viewers from europe + australia. 2016 it was justin timberlake so I dont see it as that weird that a not european show act performs, also madonna moved to lisbon as everybody know so she must be a sympathetic choice for the responsable commitee... IM EXCITEDDDDD But lets stay real and calm...
  2. Madonna has an incredible tour history and a lot of epic moments, and each of them are always accompanied by perfect placement in segments in their setlist. So, the question is what are your favorite segments on her tours you can list one, you can list a few! I have probably 3 stand out favorites [*]The Disco Inferno segment from the Confessions Tour. This re-imagining of some of her most iconic songs, Music and it's Where's the Party chant under the Disco Inferno bass is just GODLY, You Thrill Me (Erotica) to get this treat LIVE is just GAH, La Isla, and Lucky Star remixed with that Gimme Gimme Gimme/Hung Up string stem is just incredible and it's throwback to her love of 3 person performances, her and 2 singers is a nice touch since it's off of her first album, nostalgia's for geeks... but yeah.... I love how energetic this segment is it's such a perfect closing statement [*]The Rockabilly Meets Tokyo segment always puts me in a super nostalgic and lovely mood, with a striking ending. The visuals from Body Shop with the "window" screen just awesome live, True Blue will always have a nostalgia for 2 reasons, my mom used to sing me to sleep with that song and my boyfriend and I danced all close and cuddly at the RHT together it was so intimate just felt like us and Madge, Deeper and Deeper then KICKED IT into high gear and it was just GAAAH and I love the choreo for that is so neat!!! HeartBreakCity when I saw it in the second verse when her and the dancer have like a minifight, she got jostled so much she couldn't say a lyric and it just shot me. Dead. Then "Don't fuck with the Queen" and she solo SMASHES Like A Virgin and it just oozed sex and power. [*]Now her Studio 54 segment from the Girlie Show, the Disco mix of Express Yourself and the camp of a drag show it was and is SO PERFECT, then the Deeper And Deeper performance is soooo huge and fun with a lot of crowd calling moments, then things slow down and show a really outer world responsible nature, contrasting that camp but still with the sexual gift wrap of the album. She gives a powerful performance of why's it so hard which is a perfect segue into the personal In this life, she BELTS out this heartwrenching track with what I perceive to be the jester as the presence of God/Death making it just HAUNTING. The Beast within is a really wild display of the talent she hires and loves and I LOVE her focus on how important everyone in the show is. Anyways, now that my tirade is over What are your favorites??
  3. I just saw this advertised on Amazon due for release 8th April 2016. Its obviously not official and has a crappy title, but it might be a good CD to have. I thought i'd post in case anyone is interested. Track list: 1. Like A Virgin 03:39 2. Holiday 06:08 3. Into The Groove 05:16 4. Love Makes The World Go Round 06:23 5. Causing A Commotion 05:46 6. Express Yourself 06:03 7. Sooner Or Later 05:33 8. Fever 05:21 9. Bad Girl 06:05 10. Fever 05:12 11. The Lady Is A Tramp (with Anthony Kiedis) 03:10 12. Bye Bye Baby 04:13 13. Take A Bow (with Babyface) 04:44 14. Lucky Star 04:35 15. La Isla Bonita 05:50 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bits-N-Bobs-Madonna/dp/B01CF03OFA
  4. Here's a Flickr I found with so many good HQ pictures from selected dates of the RHTour. All credits to the original photographer for this amazing work! https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisweger/
  5. Given the rescheduling of the first 5 dates of the Rebel Heart Tour, I wonder if there's still a possibility that Madonna could perform at the iTunes Festival that usually takes place during September. In my opinion, it would be a great live streaming platform for her in order the promote the tour. She could even select some of the songs performed and give people a hint of what they can expect if they go to her shows. Gaga did it, Katy did it, Kylie did it! What do you think?
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