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Found 10 results

  1. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    Alright, I know that this is a difficult task, but somebody's gotta say it. Some of Madonna's songs aren't so great. For the most part, Madonna rocks! I am totally obsessed with her music, and even my least favourite Madonna songs I still enjoy. But, sometimes a song just doesn't reach the standards of Queen M. My least favourite Madonna songs are Ain't No Big Deal (Papa Don't Preach Single Version), and I'm So Stupid. Ain't No Big Deal is far too cheesy, and the title of the latter kind of describes itself. So own up, folks. What's your least favourite Madonna song?
  2. TD1607

    Hey everyone, In my free time I like to record covers of my favourite songs. Yesterday I did a dance version of Dusty Springfield's "In Private". For those interested, you can watch it here: Here is a playlist with other songs I recorded: Please let me know what you think :-)
  3. igorazevedof

    Look that parody I did of the song ''Hard Candy'' by Queen Madonna! Listen below: PS: This is a joke without intention to denigrate the material of the singer. Hope you like it <3
  4. I've started going to the gym recently and like to listen to podcast as I work out. Was wondering whether anyone had good recommendations for podcasts about Madonna or episodes of podcasts talking about Madonna. So far found this one which was pretty cool, but would love others to get me through the exercise!
  5. Britdonna_

    Hi! Please, RT this tweet and spread the word if you want them to collaborate!!
  6. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    OK guys! This is a bit of a new concept to you, but I have been reading a Whitney Houston forum on Yuku with a few threads about 'rebuilding' her albums, i.e. changing track order and removing and adding tracks. Since Rebel Heart leaves out a few things that many of Madge's fans would love to have, I'm going to start by describing my 'rebuild' of Rebel Heart, and I'll let you guys have a go. I'd be very interested to hear your opinions . My rebuild: 1. Living for Love: It seems that albums work out better when the lead single is the opening track, plus if a fan is listening to the album in the correct order, it's a great intro the new incarnation of our Queen. Therefore, I would keep LFL as track 1, but maybe include the string intro from the Living for Drama remix! I get chills listening to that! 2. Devil Pray: Devil Pray rocks, and it's disappointing that Madonna hasn't released it as a single. I'd keep it as track 2, but maybe get rid of a few of the lyrics, namely those in the pre-chorus. All the talk about weed and acid is pretty cringe-worthy IMHO. 3. Ghosttown: Returning to singles, Ghosttown is great as track 3, but if I produced that song I would have added a little more lyrics to the chorus, maybe by writing a variation, and I would have made the production a little less repetitive, and a little more interesting. 4. Hold Tight: Hold Tight is pretty perfect, and although it is bland at times, it would follow on the 'I'll be there for you' theme of Ghosttown pretty well. 5. Unapologetic Bitch: Unapologetic Bitch is perfect, but I would move it to track 5 to allow Hold Tight to follow Ghosttown. I would also not include Illuminati on the album, for reasons I'm sure fellow fans know. 6. Bitch I'm Madonna: I think that Bitch I'm Madonna would go pretty nicely straight after Unapologetic Bitch, continuing on the, well, 'Bitch', theme. Note that I would remove the annoying electronic noises after the chorus because of my personal taste, and at the convenience of others I would remove the door squeak sound at the end. 7. Iconic: I feel that Iconic would better follow BIM in the track listing, as both songs are rather self-worth oriented. And that's a good thing! The song is rather perfect, but Chance The Rapper's appearance could have been cut to make the song shorter for radio, and in case you haven't noticed, the cheering at the beginning is a GarageBand loop. 8. Joan of Arc: After all of the bold statements of fame and independence, Joan of Arc would be some great reflection time. The song explores the downsides of fame, so after a song like Iconic it would fit rather well. Otherwise, Joan of Arc is one of my favourites from Rebel Heart. I would make no changes to the song itself. 9. HeartBreakCity: HeartBreakCity would follow JOA well, as it would turn melancholy into full-on emotion. The song's great, by the way. I would only get rid of the unnecessary F-bomb, as it doesn't really suit the ballad mood. 10. Wash All Over Me (Album Version): I feel like Madonna really should have released only 12 original songs on the standard version of the album. Body Shop, Holy Water, S.E.X. and Inside Out, are, well, themselves. They're pretty scrap-worthy songs, so the outright removal of them would be great for the album. Wash All Over Me is so perfect in both versions, the original and the Avicii demo, but I would include the Avicii remix in the Deluxe edition, as I will describe a little more later in this post. 11. Borrowed Time: Borrowed Time is a million times better than the tracks I've cut from my rebuild. I'm sure many of Madge's fans would appreciate if the song was refined a bit and actually included on the album. 12. Two Steps Behind Me: Two Steps Behind Me is so good! It would have been a great closing track, as a bad-ass conclusion to the standard edition of the album, and a warning to GaGa. 13. Messiah: Messiah is such a beautiful song! Honestly, it's probably one of Madge's best. I feel like Rebel Heart would receive better public reception if this song was included, because it proves that Madonna isn't all shock value. It's a bit of down time before the album closer. 14. Rebel Heart: I feel like there should be a law stating that albums' title tracks, if existent, must be included on the standard edition of the album! Rebel Heart is akin to Joan of Arc in the fact that it's a bit of a reflection on Madonna's fame, so it really should be the closing track. It really sets a conclusion. Bonus Tracks: 15. Wash All Over Me (Avicii Remix) 16. Living for Love (Offer Nissim Living For Drama Remix) 17. Bitch I'm Madonna (Sick Individuals Remix) 18. Rebel Heart (Avicii Remix) As you can see, I've scrapped a few original bonus tracks and replaced them with remixes. Madge never really includes remixes as bonus tracks, and it'd be a great way for fans to hear them without buying singles. The bonus tracks should be on a second disc, so it can be advertised as a 'bonus remix disc'. As for the unreleased songs, Madonna should release a compilation next year. I'm sure some fans would buy it, and it would mean more money for Interscope and Madonna! Alright folks, submit your answers! You don't have to go into nearly as much detail as me, btw. Maybe just state a dream track list, or say what songs you'd add or get rid of. Ciao!
  7. I recently came to a decision to either get the Music or Ray of Light limited, and since I love ROL so much I got that but then I thought the Music hessian is so gorgeous, so I didn't know what to do! What is the best to get?
  8. mdna2015

    Really wasn't sure where to post this but wondering if anyone could tell me, Has Madonna ever performed the following live? : Inside Of Me Forbidden Love (you could pretty much say most of the BS album) Thief Of Hearts (I love this one!!!) Thank you in advance. I know there was not a tour for the Bedtime Stories album but there's some great tracks on there!
  9. I've never understood why this song receives so much hate both from non-fans and fans themselves. First, because I think it's a great and catchy rendition despite the omitted original verses, and second, her voice during the 99-00 era sounded fresh, mature and moving. In addition, this song is special to me because it was the first thing I heard from Madonna on the radio knowing who the singer was and how the video looked like, it is kind of the first representation of my mental image of her face. I remember trying to watch the video on MTV and looking at her perplexed by her beauty Fortunately, the Latinamerican edition of the Music album included American Pie as a bonus track so it was the real reason I bought the record in the first place. I don't know about you guys in the US but without Madonna's version of this song, I would have never become a fan of hers. On the contrary, despite Madonna's lack of affection towards this song (she's never performed it live in any of her tours and it's never been included in any of the compilations) the song managed to get to the top positions of several countries around the world: Finland, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Last but not least, I adore Mr Orbit's production!! I was so happy the day he leaked the instrumental version on Souncloud (despite containing a few missing seconds in between): What do you think? Do you like American Pie? Should Madonna sing it live?