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Found 9 results

  1. I don't search I find

    So I thought I heard the choir sing "We lost God control", however in her backdrop at Pride and in the God control music video, Madame X types "We lost gun control". So what do you think? Is she typing something different from what the choir sings or do I hear it wrong? The lyrics on Apple music show "God control", but they're full of mistakes so we can't trust them
  2. Turuncan

    Wanted to share with you.
  3. Which "Who's That Girl?" single do you prefer? Interestingly I like 'Commotion' better.
  4. madgefan

    I'm just curious about it. I think one of the best features of the film was choosing Abel Korzeniowski as the music composer. What do you think? Do you own a copy of the DVD/Blu-ray?
  5. love_profusion

    My favorite Madonna album always changes between Ray of Light, American Life and Confessions. It mainly depends on my mood at the time. Lately my favorite has been American Life. I love everything about the album (minus I'm So Stupid and the rap in American Life).
  6. RebelHeARTPOP

    This ranking has nothing to do with any critic, sales, or score. Just me and my impressions on the music. I'm going at this only with how each album is in my own personal eyes, no two will be alike, no two need correlate because this is based on each users own opinion!! [*]True Blue [*]Confessions On A Dance Floor [*]American Life [*]Ray Of Light [*]Like A Prayer [*]Rebel Heart [*]Erotica [*]Madonna [*]Like A Virgin [*]Hard Candy [*]MDNA [*]Music [*]Bedtime Stories
  7. If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life. What is your choice? Express yourself? or Vogue I know that this is very tough question.
  8. 1983 Madonna 1984 Like a Virgin 1986 True Blue 1987 Who's That Girl 1989 Like a Prayer 1990 I'm Breathless 1992 Erotica 1994 Bedtime Stories 1997 Evita: 1998 Ray of Light 2000 Music 2003 American Life 2005 Confessions on a Dance Floor 2006 I'm Going to Tell You a Secret 2007 The Confessions Tour 2008 Hard Candy 2010 The Sticky & Sweet Tour 2012 MDNA 2013 MDNA World Tour 2015 Rebel Heart 20?? New album So we easily can say that we are gonna get Rebel Heart tour set at late 2016 or early 2017? Then her New album at late 2018? that's her usual.(MDNA 2012 - Rebel Heart 2015 - New album 2018) But I'm not sure why but I get this feeling that we gonna get her new album sooner than usual at this time So my prediction goes to we gonna get New album at late 2017. When we gonna get Madonna's new album? What's your prediction? Do Predict! and tell why~!
  9. If there will be 4th single came out with Tour live Music video, for example "Keep it together"from BAT Which song will be your choice? by the way I didn't include interlude songs to poll.