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Madonna Tours rumors/outtakes/plans etc.


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10 hours ago, alanuk said:

This is true as I had paid for VIP seats for London and had been allocated a shit seat, and I emailed her manager (not expecting a reply) Caresse and she did reply, she was absolutely lovely and changed my location to second row. Anyway, I remember asking if any dates would be added in Scotland and she replied “we wish and tried but no arena is able to hold the catwalk” which descended from the roof.

uch a lovely woman as was Angela Becker too.

Oh wow, that's a cool story.

The only arena I imagine she would've played in Scotland at the time was the SECC in Glasgow - quite shocking they couldn't have held the catwalk from the roof, but there you go!

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On 4/9/2021 at 5:39 PM, Shoful said:

Guys I heard it was rumored she was going to Premiere Candy Shop during RIT. It was written for Hello Suckers and she wanted to include it after Lament. Originally it was a ballad and she planned to stand in the Lament chair as it rode up and down while screaming “Get up outta ya seat, I got something delish for ya”


Also rumored to make an appearance as the encore on Madame X. All the Batuqeudeiras were gonna come out in pink latex suits while holding giant lollipops

Cant be as Candy Store wasn't recorded till 2007 it was actually "The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You". 

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