What are you Watching right now?

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i dont know if we ever had a thread like this so I'm starting one to share things we're watching, can be a movie, tv show, web video, whatever...


today i found this cool youtube channel that explains interesting things in a cute and fun way and been binge watching  :kissy:

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Tv series:

Breaking bad - I discovered it very late!

The bridge the original series

Grey's anatomy

Rectify - just finished

The good fight - just begun


And THIS IS US: has anyone seen episode 1×13 when Kate wants to dress like Madonna for her tenth birthday and learns how to Vogue??!


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I don't watch many TV series, as i tend to get really bored by most i watch after a few episodes.


But a few im watching are:


I'm rewatching previous​ Game Of Thrones seasons and should finish season 6 just before season 7 airs.


I took a chance on Elementary just after Christmas and quite liked it, I'm up to mid way through season 3 now.


I just started watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer as it's just started broadcasting on Sky in the UK to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1st episode. I used to watch that in the evenings after school and loved it for the most part.


I've been watching Emerald City and the season's about to end (I'm on episode 9/10). I'm a bit confused by it. I really like parts of it, and hate other parts (e.g. having guns and listening to Music iPod in Oz?, NO!! lol).


I'm currently watching Masterchef (UK and US versions). The US version is more fun and has drama and rivalry, while the UK version is completely different and is a lot more high end, restaurant orientated and doesn't have the drama of the US version but is a lot harder competition i think. I like both equally, but in different ways.


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