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Madonna Puzzle Land [Name that Tune by Pat Leonard]

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Please feel free to share the puzzles you created. Thank you.


Madonna Puzzles


I. Crossword Puzzles

Note: For all crossword puzzles, there's spacing between words in each answer unless otherwise specified.


Crossword # 4:Madonna Fun Facts



Crossword # 3:Madonna Songs



Crossword # 2:Madonna Songs


[based on a single lyric line]



Crossword # 1: Madonna Movie Roles



II. Word Search Puzzles

Word Search #2: Confessions on a Dance Floor


Word Search # 1: Madonna Filmography



III. Anagram

New Anagram # 1:Pre-stardom recordings 1979–81



IV. Letter Tiles

Week 1: May 10, 2017 - May 14, 2017

The KEY for all 5 Madonna quotes:–81/?p=541241


Week 2: May 15, 2017 - May 21, 2017

The KEY for all 7 Madonna quotes:–81/?p=545015


Week 3: May 22 2017 - May 28, 2017

The KEY for all 7 Madonna quotes:–81/?p=550946



Quiz: Madonna - the Queen of the Universe–81/?p=554399


Quiz: Madonna "Confessions" tour



Quiz: Madonna on Billboard Hot 100 @–81/?p=550131

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Guest ArthurBadin

Excellent game @@groovyguy ! It's very pleasant to see such a wonderful entreprise here! i'm so welcome to you, beloved!

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Word Search Puzzle #1

Madonna Filmography

Download 4 Print:



I literally am a geek when even putting ink in my printer. But i have to get ink for it. I love word search. This is alot of work @@groovyguy. Thanks so much. Bare with me. I will get ink. I think i even have free points for office depot so i don't think it will cost alot. Just hoping they'll put it in for me. (the ink)

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Anagram #1: Pre-stardom recordings 1979–81

Note: Titles may include parenthesis &/or apostrophe.

1. incongruity then inn
2. levy molal
3. noisy mass
4. sleight hi an
5. hem are
6. solely bolt tit
7. forebodings hue a ho
8. vexes sloper
9. carbonated ben or
10. the tell truth
11. overrule grotto obit ill
12. role but
13. leftover drone
14. omnivore elf to
15. benign grills
16. grown din
17. outflows hero he
18. kilobytes hush hoe
19. bayoneted wanton bolos
20. well well
21. mutation wake ye
22. tigers lb
23. floods boy no
24. snorer pi
25. shoveled here a
26. wag yet a
27. cello man
28. heinous waive el
29. auto winy
30. unnerve lot ho
31. up get
32. yogi hitches
33. homogeneity bum cur err
34. feudatory airy ore
35. housebreak ethology set add
36. walked kilts a
37. golfer at
38. crook dry buoy
39. hesitatingly swisher err
40. mights we win
41. rich she

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Bonza Puzzle May 10th, 2017 Answer – Solution, Cheat to reveal the madonna words and mystery clue m—— so you can arrange the letter pieces to solve the crossword!


mystery clue = madonna

Find the words from madonna song title !


Bonza Word Puzzle –

Puzzle Answers:


horizontal words :




vertical words :











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