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Didn't see any thread on this, so here goes:



On That Incredibly Detailed Madonna Documentary: EMMY AND THE BREAKFAST CLUB


If you're a Madonna fan, you may have caught wind of Emmy and the Breakfast Club, the new documentary from Guy Guido, who already brought us the thoroughly charmingly short Physical Attraction.


According to Guido, the new doc will make use of intimate notes and original recordings that Madonna made in bed with her then lover Dan Gilroy. Yes, that means there are never-before-heard songs that we're about to hear.


The film will include on-camera interviews with a host of the original players in the early story of Madonna, as well as what are shaping up to be uncannily orchestrated re-enactments—just check out how closely Guido & Co. have approximated this original PR shot of the Breakfast Club (below, top) with the film's actors (below, bottom):


Most documentaries are not so meticulously crafted, especially those on hugely famous subjects, which are—let's be real—frequently tossed together to cash in and don't need to bother to be any good.


But Guido, a Madonna student and fan, has taken great care to include many original players and scenes. All of the images in this post where shot in or around the synagogue in which Madonna lived with Gilroy when she was in the Breakfast Club.


Check out this never-before-seen shot of Jamie Auld—certainly one of the most convincing Madonna portrayals, visually, ever—recreating the time when Gilroy taught her how to play the guitar:


The scene was shot exactly where Madonna first picked up a guitar—and yes, folks, that is the same guitar. (Good grief, Gilroy could auction that guitar for a small fortune.)


Also love this image of Auld as Madonna in a dress in the style fans will recognize from one Ms. Ciccone wore in those days:


So I would say that Madonna fans have a respectful and dishy and extremely accurate documentary to look forward to, and I have to believe it's a project Team Madonna should not look upon with fear or loathing. There's just too much respect behind it for it to turn out exploitative or mean.


More updates soon!

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Documentary reveals bedroom tapes Madonna made with lover

By Oli Coleman

August 13, 2016


‘Emmy and the Breakfast Club’ An Upcoming Documentary About Madonna’s Early Romance And Ferocious Ambition

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Casting / Audition Details


This listing has expired



Guy Guido Entertainment

Paul Castro, coord.


Production Description

Casting "Emmy and the Breakfast Club," a documentary biopic about Madonna's early years in NYC, being told through real life subject interviews, dramatized reenactments, and voiceover narration.


Roles Collapse All Roles


Christopher Flynn (Supporting): Male, 35-50

a stern dance teacher. Not much dancing in the scene for this character, but he is giving instruction, so performer must have basic ballet movement/experience.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Production begins March 12 in Queens, NY. Role of Adam Alter shoots March 12. Do not submit if you have a conflict. All other roles will shoot one day between March 19-April 10.


Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $100/day.


Key Details

Seeking talent from:

New York, NY

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A Madonna BookCoverExcerpts from My Madonna by Norris Burroughs:


‘I suggested that we go out for a bite to eat. There was no place west of her apartment, but on Broadway under the Elevated train was a small restaurant that served Cuban food and good strong espresso. We ordered coffee and flan, a caramel custard dessert and Madonna looked out of the window onto the crowded sidewalk. A lithe young Puerto Rican boy sauntered by and I saw her give him the once over.

“It’s intense here,†she said, “but I like it. It’s full of life. I’m realizing how much I like Latin music. This isn’t New York here. It’s more like Nueva York. You seem to know your way around the streets pretty well here.â€

“Well sure. This is pretty much where I came from.â€

Where we sat was less than a mile from the street that I was born on. I’d lived on East 123rd street until I was five, then moved to the relative serenity and greenery of the North East Bronx.’

‘When I returned to New York, I took up with a girl

named Ellen, who was the daughter of Sidney Kaye, owner

of The Russian Tea Room. She was a great torch singer, and

we spent our weekends singing and drinking Jack Daniels at

a Bleecker Street bar called The Surf Maid with a cool pianist

named Claude Garvey. I decided to forget about pop music

and pursuing the fleeting dream of rock stardom.’

Burroughs also toured Europe with the House Music group, Kraze, in the late 90’s:

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Madonna's Mini-Me more amazing Emmy-and-the-breakfast-club on set


March 26, 2017



Images by Hamlet Tallaj


Madonna mega-fan Hamlet Tallaj hosted the production of Emmy and the Breakfast Club — that long-awaited, detail-obsessed retelling of Madonna's early-'80s NYC days from director Guy Guido — at his chic shop Hamlet's Vintage (146 W. 4th St., NYC) this weekend.





Behind-the-scenes magic .


The pics he took are more proof that while Jamie Auld kinda looks Madonna-ish in real life, she is set to become the all-time, hands-down, most jaw-droppingly exact replica of Madonna that ever shimmied onto the big screen.




Nailed it!


The likeness, once she is put into hair, makeup and painstakingly recreated wardrobe by grooming god Guido, is astonishing.


Keep reading for one more snap, this one posted on the movie's official Instagram ...

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Restoring to perfection from the original negatives! #Madonna #emmyandthebreakfastclub #photorestoration #blowups #processing #documentary #filmmaking



Back in the day,many moons ago (not too many lol) as you all may know Madonna was a member of Breakfast Club,Emmy,The Millionaires etc.

Either featuring Dan Gilroy & Ed Gilroy and Angie Smit.Stephen Bray and Gary Burke with Bryan Symmes and Mike Monahan.















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I cannot wait to see this!  It looks like they are trying to get it exactly right, down to a T, for the die-hard fan.  And not only is Auld gorgeous, but she looks like our Queen!  


Shit, this has gotten me so excited that I'm on Amazon right now, too, ordering another M "package" for myself!  It's been a while since I've done that!  Any ideas?

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