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Why M doesn't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


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I don't remember where she said it, but she affirmed that "she doesn't want people walking all over her", so it seems she was offered a star but she refused it.


Also don't you have to pay for one? I don't think she would wanna buy herself a star, also the Hollywood Walk of Fame is pretty useless. It's barely referred to.

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They wanted to give her one WAY BACK in 1990 and she turned it down because she thought it was "cheesy" and didnt want to pay for the star or the annual upkeep fee.


I remember Entertainment Tonight had a segment on Madonna turning it down around the time Dick Tracy came out.


Whitney, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt etc are some other A listers who have turned it down


Madonna has never been big on awards or honors anyway

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She's not like Gaga and other flavor of the moment "stars" who immediately say yes to those offers because they know their "fame & success" won't last forever  :Madonna003:

To be fair... Some of the most honored, respected and celebrated stars have a star. Certainly, I agree it's all about vanity and as many mentioned, she was offered it, but she turned it down because she thought it was "cheesy" and didn't want to pay for the upkeep, etc. 


That all said, a many of the stars have had others raise money to have their star placed there. Many of the dead celebrities have organizations or their estate that help pay for those fees.

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thanks so much @@Liam. Sometimes i can't get the right way to put something. i agree with you a 100 percent. 

Well, it's not an "elite" thing.  Most any star after being in the business for sometime can get one.  And I know some people detest Lady Gaga and try to demean her, but she is very talented. And yes, she's a huge star.  I personally can take or leave her. There are times I think she's completely off her rocker, and other times I find her enjoyable. I like when she's less "out there".   But then again, I don't think she would be as famous as she has been if she played it safe.  She's not terribly attractive. At times, she's not terribly bright, but that hasn't stopped a lot of famous people becoming huge stars.

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