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Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-RuPaul's Drag Race!

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What happened to the spoiler feature? I have some T from the finale. *EDIT* Screw it, I'll just hide them: Spoilers regarding the finale two and what songs were lip-synced & Miss Congeniality.  Hidden Content Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.


Are we all in agreement Michelle did the best Madonna look?

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ugh I really wanted to see Tempest go on a bit longer.  I'm in love with Max. Freaky and weird. The boy versions are mega cuters this season, a few of em. I was a teeny tiny disappointed with Untucked though. Seemed a little TOO "backstage" but not terrible. Some of the behind the scenes parts were cool like when they were trying to remember the lip sync for your life lyrics. I suppose it is only the first one... but it didn't compare to Untucked in season 5 or 6. We will see.

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Top 3! I don't know. I usually get a good handle on the queens after the second episode. Last year was great when they introduced more queens in the second episode.  


UPDATE: I watched Untucked again last night for the third time... and I'm into it now. I like the feeling it gives the viewer, and you're right, it's less real housewives.


Forgot to mention, I loved Alaska's cameo, did any of them notice??

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