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Bitch I’m Madonna

Madonna Gif/Emote Thread

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Hello guys! I think this forum really needs some good Madonna emotes, so I thought, “Why not open a thread and collect suggestions?”. 

Here are some I made for the other forum I’m a member of. They come in 50x50 and a 100x100 version.

lFkCw59.gif IsuIEhD.gif (blowkiss)

VTdyRzD.gif aFRXl8m.gif (gun)

RPSexRe.gif qKuYoBS.gif (oop)

Pt4zlu0.gif 4OThbaX.gif (tehe)

eisRKGg.gif RmkXmjs.gif (no)

q5VgN0e.gif 9ZGjRcf.gif (sass)

poItfmR.gif Y454Ee1.gif (posing)

hYdgEPG.gif 17UGD1z.gif (liar)

bVk80NA.gif WBjNij6.gif (waiting)

hXj9PQj.gif xrhhIvH.gif (cackle)

0dsf3ZJ.gif eqKCayW.gif (madga1)

GeRfom1.gif unadwgN.gif (madga2)

17ebPVw.gif FNwbHwC.gif (legend)

o7YkLXJ.gif KvHwOt7.gif (um)

v7qNFTm.gif dRAlAt3.gif (watchulookinat)

sAD6ipB.gif f6lHtj9.gif (kill)

xvoYYUP.gif 3vQe9Zf.gif (ugh)

7TfSL71.gif qUi5y86.gif (judging)

6syWzvP.gif vpJ0gz1.gif (bop)

qE6bYkw.gif tCl95Xv.gif (poordat)

M2hdCYt.gifnywVKxm.gif (nonono)

HEMFL43.gif WtxjdLD.gif (botox)

FPpX9SJ.gif tVDIKZC.gif 

5AmzxYJ.gif rGViK23.gif

Rai8UIv.gif lMPOz3p.gif

muxfU74.gif UD5C4Vl.gif

Z837c2J.gif f1vdbec.gif

9wLpdj3.gif kk6qGNY.gif

R8Ui2eh.gif IPTR34T.gif

wPKfGaR.gif JIuxRPQ.gif

6LYuVQT.gif TlxDbbt.gif

0bOT8VO.gif 3xrGYx4.gif

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