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What is your favorite music video by Madonna?


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7 hours ago, FrozenPenguin said:

On a sea of wonderful, stunning and sophisticated Madonna Music videos you choose the most simple, dated and insignificant of them all. What was the runner up, "Everybody" ?:Madonna031:

I think Borderline is anything but insignificant or dated. It's the first M video by Mary Lambert and its depiction of a strong, in control woman is how we'd come to think of her in the decades to come. It also showcased the Boy Toy look in a more evolved way than we saw with Lucky Star. 

Insignificant? Surely not. 

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18 hours ago, wtg1987 said:

Yep - then Dont Tell Me is nominated in 2001 mtv awards ?? Makes no sense to me :(( one day bad girl on blu-ray will be mine :)) plus the b-roll i would die for ! :(

Some B - Roll footage leaked. I saw them on YouTube.

And yes, I would imagine Bad Girl looking pristine in Blu - Ray. UGGGHHH... <3

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