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Madonna should do Double A-Side Singles for M14


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I read an article the other day talking about how double A-side singles are making a comeback, which if you're not familiar, is releasing two singles at the same time, the idea being to increase chances of getting a hit.  The article talked about Ed Sheeran releasing Shape of You & Castle on a Hill with Shape of You ending up being the bigger hit.

Anyway, Madonna should do this.  Fans complain she doesn't do enough videos for release (not including tour backdrop videos), especially in recent years where artists drop videos left & right, singles or not, sometimes full visual albums; as well as the what should be the single releases.  

Every album she does has so many potential singles, and there've been many missed opportunities in more recent years (Beat Goes On, Beautiful Killer, Rebel Heart, Hold Tight, etc.  Seeing that she has trouble charting & gettin radio play (lets not go into the bullshit reasons why, (*cough* ageism), this could be of some help.  Take Rebel Heart, the double A-side single releases could've looked something like this, with videos (and hopefully remixes) for each song.:

-Living For Love & Ghosttown

-Bitch I'm Madonna & Hold Tight

-Devil Pray & Unapologetic Bitch 

-Rebel Heart & Iconic

This would get the album more exposure, makes fans happy/gives them more to complain & argue about (regardless, it keeps the fire burning for better or for worse lol). The more songs the general public gets to hear, the greater the chances something takes off & increase her chances of charting & having another big hit.  Just throw it all at the wall & see what sticks!  The music industry is a shit show, and that's not even getting into ageism, etc. A release plan like this could only help IMO.


Edit: here's the article:


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It's been going on for sometime, where an artist would release a number of songs before the album.  In this current music environment it makes sense if you're trying to find which song will hook people.  The problem is it's a gamble and a lot of record companies and artists do not want to risk shelling out money that they won't be able to make back. Some people forget promotion cost a lot of money.  Most artists make pennies on their singles and when they are streamed or aired on radio. This is why they head out on tour as soon as possible.

The music industry refers to additional songs released as "promotional songs/singles".  I would think if the song is being serviced for radio/streaming and an individual sale as well as have a video, it's still a "single".  

Madonna does have the money to throw out several songs out there to see what catches.  The problem is; she's been pretty tight when it comes to money and if she's not advanced the funds, she usually won't do more than she has to. 

I do think she does need to release a couple of songs before the album.  But she'll have to really promote the crap out of them because the music industry will not.  It will be all on her and I'm not sure she is willing to pour such money into such a plan and waste her time, when she could easily go on tour and make her money.

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This only makes sense if you're an artist like Rihanna who has pop/Urban crossover potential. If you appeal to audiences who are very different from each other, it makes sense to release two singles which could be more well received by these two target audiences. 

Madonna doesn't have that. In fact, at this time she only has her die-hard fans and she isn't as well received by the GP and young audiences like she used to. I don't wanna be a pessimist but this would not make much sense. However, what could make sense was to stop releasing three deluxe editions of one album with a shit ton of bonus tracks and instead take the old route by attaching a non-album/bonus track or album outtake to each single.

For Rebel Heart for example it could have went like this:

Standard Version:

  1. Iconic
  2. Veni Vedi Vici
  3. Illuminati
  4. Best Night
  5. S.E.X.
  6. Holy Water
  7. Inside Out
  8. Unapologetic Bitch
  9. Bitch, I'm Madonna
  10. Rebel Heart - Reworked Version by BloodPop
  11. Joan of Arc
  12. Body Shop
  13. Devil Pray
  14. Hold Tight
  15. Ghosttown
  16. HeartBreakCity
  17. Messiah
  18. Living for Love
  19. Wash All Over Me

Deluxe Version Tracks:

  1. Graffiti Heart
  2. Borrowed Time
  3. Addicted - Reworked Version by BloodPop
  4. Living for Love (Remix)
  5. Living for Love (Remix)

Living for Love - Single

  1. Living for Love (Album Version)
  2. Living for Love (Djemba Djemba Radio Edit / Alternative Version)
  3. Queen

Living for Love - Remix EP

Ghosttown - Single

  1. Ghosttown (Album Version)
  2. Joan of Arc (Stripped Down Version)
  3. Borrowed Time

Ghosttown - Remix EP

Bitch, I'm Madonna - Single

  1. Bitch, I'm Madonna (Album Version)
  2. Bitch, I'm Madonna (Sander Kleinberg Radio Mix)
  3. Auto-Tune Baby

Bitch, I'm Madonna - Remix EP

Devil Pray - Single

  1. Devil Pray (Album Version)
  2. Devil Pray (Remix Edit)
  3. Iconic (Part 2)

Devil Pray - Remix EP

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@BItch I'm MadonnaI love your idea for the release of RH album.  Though, I do disagree the way of releasing multiple singles at first is just for someone like an artist like Rihanna who has a cross over.  However, I do think it helps if you have an album with different genres.  Rebel Heart had some cross over, so I can see "Rebel Heart", "Bitch, I"m Madonna" and "Ghosttown" appealing to different genres/markets.  "Rebel Heart" would fit in with the current radio trend of folk/dance music.  "Bitch, I'm Madonna" specifically aimed at top 40 , rap and dance crowd.  And "Ghosstown" going for the Adult oriented crowd with AC radio.  

Though, I rather that not happen because I still am more old school to the idea of just releasing one big single at a time.  Promote the hell out of it. 

Madonna's lost music industry and radio support so that's going to make it harder for her to get her music out there.  Streaming is the latest fad, so obviously that is the way to go, but again it has to be promoted in such a way because if you just make it available, it doesn't mean it's going to be a big streamer.  Hooking a killer video and doing some promotional performances at the right places can help.  A few late night and daytime shows on tv.  Maybe perform at some outside festival or put on a special short concert, have it televised and packaged to sell as well when the album is ready to be released.

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On 6/17/2018 at 4:46 PM, BItch I'm Madonna said:

This only makes sense if you're an artist like Rihanna who has pop/Urban crossover potential. If you appeal to audiences who are very different from each other, it makes sense to release two singles which could be more well received by these two target audiences. 

Not sure if you read the article, but Ed Sheeran is the example the article used as did I.  He doesn't have any pop/urban crossover potential.  They also used Shawn Mendes, Camilla Cabello & Meghan Trainor as examples, with maybe Camilla only having pop/urban crossover potential. 

I don't agree that it only makes sense with artists who have that crossover potential.  With albums like Rebel Heart with multiple styles it makes perfect sense.  Especially, as I said, with an artist like Madonna who still makes fantastic music but can't get it played or charted.  

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