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Happy 60th Birthday, Madonna!


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60 incredible chart facts and feats about Madonna

To celebrate the pop icon's 60th birthday, we reveal her 60 essential chart facts.


A popstar so famous she only needs one name, Madonna celebrates her 60th birthday this month.

She's had one of the most successful music careers of all time, and to recognise her place as the queen of pop, we delved into the archives and put together some amazing chart facts that no self-respecting Madonna devotee would be without.

Don't just stand there – let's get to it.

1. Madonna has scored an incredible 71 Top 40 singles. Of those, 63 hits went Top 10.

2. From Like A Virgin in December 1984 to Secret in August 1994, Madonna logged a run of 36 consecutive Top 10 hits – no artist has bettered that since. Take a Bow broke the run in December 1994. She had another run of 17 consecutive Top 10s from You Must Love Me in Feb 1996 until Me Against The Music in November 2003. Blame Love Profusion for that one.

3. Madonna has scored 13 UK Number 1 singles – a chart record for a female solo artist. They are: Into The Groove, Papa Don't Preach, True Blue, La Isla Bonita, Who's That Girl, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Frozen, American Pie, Music, Hung Up, Sorry, 4 Minutes.

4. She’s spent 29 weeks at the top of the Official Singles Chart across her career.

5. Madonna singles have spent 516 weeks in the Top 40 since her first hit in 1984 – that’s nearly 10 years!!

6. Madonna’s first ever single was Everybody, the cover of which didn’t even feature a picture of the star. As it didn't get a proper release here, it didn’t chart in the UK.

7. Madonna’s first UK chart entry was Holiday, which was also her first Top 10, peaking at Number 6 – although it wouldn’t be the last we saw of Madonna’s signature song…

8. Holiday was rereleased in 1985 during the height of Madonna fever – she could’ve released an album of burps and gone Top 10 tbh – and reached Number 2.

9. On its second release in 1985, Holiday was stopped going to Number 1 by Madonna herself, making her one of the few artists in chart history to occupy the Top 2 at the same time. And the song that kept Holiday off? See below!

10. Into The Groove was Madonna’s first Number 1 in the UK, spending a month there in summer 1985, and totally top-blocked Holiday from Number 1 – coincidentally, this was the same week of Madonna’s 27th birthday (and her first wedding anniversary to Sean Penn, but let’s not dwell).

11. Into The Groove is also Madonna’s biggest selling single in the UK, helped in part by the fact it was from a hit movie – Desperately Seeking Susan, in which Madonna starred – and that it wasn’t available on any Madonna album. It was added to a reissue of Like A Virgin that year.

12. Madonna, surprisingly, does not have a million-selling single. Into The Groove is closest, as her top seller, with 881,000 copies shifted.. Into The Groove is tied for Madonna’s longest stint at Number 1, equalled by the four weeks Vogue managed at the top from April 1990.

13. Interestingly, Madonna’s two hugest Number 1s started life as B-sides. Into The Groove was the B-side to Angel in the US (Angel got a full release here too) and Vogue was originally meant to be the B-side to Like A Prayer albums track Keep it Together but the record label heard it and realised it was a smash.

14. Holiday was released for a third time, by the way, to commemorate her first greatest hits album The Immaculate Collection (more on that later) – Holiday reached Number 5 in 1991.

15. Borderline has been out twice too! Not many people realise it was originally released in 1984 and became Madonna’s first single to miss the Top 40, stalling at 52. Two years later, it was back! And reached Number 2!

16. Her big ballad Crazy For You also came out twice, first in 1985 and then again in 1991, and reached Number 2 both times.

17. Madonna was very prolific in 1985, scoring seven Top 10 hits in that calendar year.

18. Not content with having the most Number 1 singles of any female artist, Madge also has the most Number 2 hits of *any* artist – clocking up 12 of them.

19. Artists who prevented her from getting to Number 1? Sister Sledge, Billy Ocean, Falco, Partners in Kryme, Vanilla Ice, The Simpsons, The Clash, All Saints, S Club 7, Room 5 feat Oliver Cheatham, Beyoncé, and Busted! Quite an eclectic lineup!

20. Madonna holds the record for most Number 1 albums by a female artist – 12 so far! They are: Like A Virgin, True Blue, Like A Prayer, The Immaculate Collection, Evita, Ray of Light, Music, American Life, Confessions on a Dance Floor, Hard Candy, Celebration, MDNA.

21. Second album Like A Virgin took 44 weeks to climb to Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart All subsequent chart-topping albums went straight in at Number 1, with the exception of 1996’s Evita, which took 13 weeks to get there.

22. With third album True Blue, Madonna was actually the first US artist ever to go straight in at the top of the Official Albums Chart.

23. Madonna’s True Blue was the biggest selling album of 1986. True Blue spent six weeks at Number 1 and in just under six months on release, sold just shy of two million that year.

24. True Blue is Madonna’s top selling album in the UK, going platinum seven times. In the US, however, Like A Virgin is her big one.

25. Of all Madonna’s albums, True Blue yielded the most Number 1 hits. It has three: Papa Don’t Preach, the title track, and La Isla Bonita.

26. Greatest hits set The Immaculate Collection landed nine straight weeks at Number 1 from November 1990 – her longest stint at the top for any of her albums.

27. The Immaculate Collection is Madonna’s best selling album – and is indeed one of the biggest selling of all time – with 3.73 million copies sold. It’s currently the 13th best selling album ever in the UK

28. 1994’s Bedtime Stories – her sixth studio set – was her first album since her debut to produce a single that missed the Top 10. The song in question was Take A Bow, which peaked at 16 but, ironically, is her longest run at Number 1 in the US, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks!

29. After Vogue in 1990, Madonna had to wait eight years before her next one – the comeback ballad Frozen in 1998.

30. Frozen was Madonna’s first single to debut at Number 1.

31. Her most recent Number 1 was 4 Minutes in 2008, meaning this is the longest Madonna has gone without a chart-topper in her entire career.

32. Madonna has had Number 1 albums across four decades – '80s, '90s, '00s, and the '10s.

33. Across her 12 Number 1 albums, Madonna has spent 30 weeks at the top of the Official Albums Chart. This was a record until Adele overtook her in 2016

34. Madonna has never missed the Top 10 with a studio album, and only one didn’t make the Top 5: her self-titled debut, which peaked at 6 when it was reissued as “The First Album” in 1985.

35. Madonna’s longest gap between studio albums is just short of four years, between Hard Candy (2008) and MDNA (2012), although, in fairness, she did whack out both a greatest hits and a live album in between.

36. For the first 19 years of her career, Madonna was credited as sole artist on all her singles – she broke that spell with a cameo on Britney’s Me Against the Music in 2002. Another of her Number 2 hits.

37. Funnily enough, it would be over five years before she allowed another artist to take a feature credit on one of her singles for the first time – 4 Minutes featured Justin Timberlake.

38. Madonna’s lowest selling Number 1 is 2006’s Sorry.

39. Her biggest selling single to miss the top is actually her second biggest selling single of all time: Like A Virgin peaked at 3 in 1984.

40. Madonna’s top selling Number 2 single is Crazy For You.

41. Madonna doesn’t have many cover versions under her belt. She first had a hit with one in 1993, when she reimagined the old-school Peggy Lee classic Fever as a ‘90s house banger. When appearing in Evita, she released two covers of songs from the classic musical, going Top 10 with both.

42. Madonna’s most successful cover version was her do-over of Don McLean’s American Pie – she took it to Number 1 in 2000.

43. Hung Up is Madonna’s longest-running single on the Official Charts, notching up 40 weeks in the Top 100.

44. 2007 was the first year since Madonna’s career began that she didn’t have a single appear on the chart at all – 23 years after her first hit. She’d previously had years without any new entries – 1988 and 2004 – but there had been a couple of songs lingering in the Top 40 from the previous year.

45. Madonna’s most downloaded song is her most recent Number 1, 4 Minutes, which sold 458,000 downloads.

46. Madonna’s most streamed tune – since we started counting in 2014 – is Like A Prayer.

47. Her most streamed video – by a huge margin – is La Isla Bonita.

48. Twelve of Madonna’s hits have featured in films in which she also starred: Crazy For You, Gambler (both from Vision Quest, later renamed Crazy For You for obvious reasons); Into The Groove (Desperately Seeking Susan); Who’s That Girl, Causing a Commotion, The Look of Love (Who’s That Girl); This Used to be my Playground (A League of Their Own); You Must Love Me, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Another Suitcase in Another Hall (Evita); American Pie (The Next Best Thing); and Die Another Day (that Bond theme!). Trick question for a pub quiz: Hanky Panky was on the I’m Breathless album which served as a partial soundtrack to Dick Tracy, which Madonna starred in, but the song wasn’t in the film itself.

49. Additionally, four of Madonna’s hits have been recorded for movies she didn’t star in: Live To Tell (At Close Range, starring then-husband Sean Penn); I’ll Remember (With Honors); Beautiful Stranger (Austin Powers 2); Masterpiece (W.E. which Madonna actually directed)

50. 1993’s Deeper and Deeper was Madonna’s first single to miss the Top 5 in eight years.

51. Hung Up contained a sample of ABBA’s Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! and managed to outchart it – Hung Up was a Number 1 but Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! peaked at 3.

52. Madonna has seen three of her singles peak at Number 10. Spookily, the first one and the last were each the third single off their parent album: Bad Girl (Erotica, 1993) and Drowned World/Substitute for Love (Ray of Light, 1998). You Must Love Me is the other one, lead single off the Evita soundtrack

53. When Confessions on a Dancefloor singles Hung Up and Sorry went to Number 1, it was the first time Madonna had topped the charts with the first two singles from an album. Pub quiz trick question: In theory, she did this with American Pie and Music, from the Music album, but American Pie was only added to European editions of the album and was never part of the Music campaign – and Madonna was raging about it.

54. Madonna had three Top 10 albums in 1990: Like A Prayer (released in 1989 but still big), I’m Breathless, and The Immaculate Collection.

55. Madonna’s most recent Number 1 album was 2012’s MDNA. Rebel Heart was her first studio album to miss the top spot since Bedtime Stories in 1994.

56. Madonna has released live albums of every tour since her Re-Invention jaunt in 2004. Only one has reached the Top 10: The Confessions Tour peaked at 7 in 2007.

57. Madonna’s music has been covered many times, but few of these new versions have made an impression on the charts. Of the most notable: Dutch dance outfit MadHouse reached Number 3 with Like A Prayer in 2002 and Number 24 with Holiday the same year. Kelly Osbourne managed a Top 3 hit with a punky cover of Papa Don’t Preach in 2002, and the cast of Glee hit Number 16 with their version of Like A Prayer in 2010.

58. Madonna is one of very few artists to have occupied every space in the Top 10. It took her 11 years to do. Here’s how:

59. She has 13 Number 1s, 12 Number 2s, 9 Number 3s, Five Number 4s, Seven Number 5s, Four Number 6s, Seven Number 7s, One Number 8 – Human Nature, which completed her set, Two Number 9s, and Three Number 10s.

60. As is very fitting for a huge star who has been very good getting everyone’s attention for over 30 years, the most common word to crop up in the titles of Madonna’s hits is “me”, with seven songs. They are: Rescue Me, You Must Love Me, Don’t Cry for me Argentina, Don’t Tell Me, Me Against the Music, Give it 2 Me, Give Me All Your Luvin’. She also referred to “my playground” and “my love” that she expected you to justify. It is ALL about Madge, and quite right too. Girl is second, with five Top 100 mentions.

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Madonna birthday: Queen of Pop turns 60 – how she became the cultural icon of a generation

LEGEND holds that Madonna arrived in New York’s Times Square during the late 1970s with thirty six dollars in her pocket and a dream of becoming a star.

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Adele, HAIM, Diplo And More Honour Madonna As She Celebrates Her 60th Birthday


Madonna will celebrate her 60th birthday on Thursday, Aug. 16, and Apple Music’s Beats 1 is marking the milestone by speaking with an array of music artists about her influence on modern music and her enduring legacy.

Among the artists offering praise is Adele:

There’s a reason there’s only one Madonna. For me, she’s the complete definition of evolving, and evolving, and evolving each time.

Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers, who produced the Like a Virgin album, recalls working with Madonna on what proved to be her breakthrough record:

I have never worked with the person that I respected more, that had such focus and such determination and such a work ethic. There was no amount of takes of a song that I could ask Madonna to do that she would not do. She was tireless.

However, he recalls their collaboration getting off to a rocky start:

My first formal meeting with her at my apartment, she comes in and she plays essentially what’s the Like A Virgin album, because she had collected all these demos and stuff. She said to me, in a very matter of fact kind of tone, ‘Nile, if you don’t like all these songs, I can’t work with you.’ And I said, ‘Well Madonna, I don’t like all the songs, but let me tell you this. By the time I get finished with them, I’m gonna love them.’ This must have been the right answer, because I didn’t get fired.

Decades later, Diplo worked with Madonna on her Rebel Heart” album:

As far as musicians I’ve ever worked with, she’s the #1. For history and what she’s accomplished, and how she works and how serious she takes her own music, it pushed me to really work even harder than I do — which is hard, I thought, but I can always do more.

Madonna is going to be relevant forever. Madonna invented what we all have as a pop star. There wasn’t anything before her, in that capacity, of all encompassing. To keep it going for 30 years and also, to be so in touch with the underground… She’s an icon. You’re always relevant if you’re an icon like that.

All-female rock band HAIM were influenced by Madonna, and not just music from one particular stage in her career:

With Madonna, every era of hers was iconic. Just with ‘Like a Virgin’ — her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, and then her performance 15 years later with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I mean, so iconic. No one was doing anything like that at that point. It was a time and a place and she kind of personified what was going on at the time. She’s had an amazing career that has entailed about seven or eight different careers. She’s a chameleon, this one, and there have been so many different vibes that she’s kind of explored as an artist, and I think that’s really inspiring.

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Madonna at 60: How girl from Michigan with just $35 in pocket became global megastar


Madonna has shaped the history of music after relocating to New York, selling more than 300 million albums along the way

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I am getting impression that...

The UK/Europe/Australia (anywhere that's not the USA) are truly celebrating Madonna at 60 waaaaaay more than here in the US! And they're doing it respectfully and properly... but here in the U.S. barely signs of it tbh! How disgraceful

That is so disappointing what the fuck man! I am so disgruntled by America right now! USA just fucking celebrates/recognizes trash artists and social media "celebrities" instead of real icons and legends like Madonna. FUCK.

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