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Poll: Favorite video directed by Jonas Åkerlund?


Poll: Favorite video directed by Jonas Åkerlund?  

60 members voted

  1. 1. Favorite video directed by Jonas Åkerlund?

    • Ray of Light
    • Music
    • American Life (flags version)
    • American Life (original version)
    • American Life (Director's Cut)
    • Jump
    • Celebration
    • Celebration (fan version)
    • Ghosttown
    • Bitch I'm Madonna

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He started so well with Ray of Light (which was based on many other works, but people ignore that), Music and AL (original and director's cut).

Jump was a mess, probably because of Madonna, since the video was done during touring and she didn't have a lot of time. I mean, the scenes with her were bad, other scenes looked good.

Two versions of Celebration. Two crappy works.

Ghosttown was OK. Nothing spectacular in comparison to ROL, Music, AL and older Madonna videos.

BIM was better than Celebration, but a basic party themed video.


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2 hours ago, PWCCA said:

I went for Ray of Light as it has that Ron Fricke influence... though to be completely honest, I am not too keen on any of the Jonas Akerlund videos. Some of what I feel are her 'worst'  videos were directed by Jonas... BIM, Jump and Celebration... absolutely horrible.

I agree -hes no Fincher or Mondino or even Romanek - only Music & ROL are good - the rest are pretty average to shite(BIM & Celebration the worst)

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I have a lot of love for the Ray Of Light video, but my favorite is Music, when Akerlund was on top of his game. It still is a very cool, original and fresh video.

American Life was very daring and very ahead of its time.

Jump was a missed opportunity, for such a magnificent piece of music the video was a total letdown. I hated Madonna's blonde bob wig and the leather outfit, it made her look cold and severe. It wasn't a good look at all. The parkour dancing did nothing for me.

The BIM video is just fun and camp and is okay for what it is. Too bad Kanye was in it.

Celebration is nothing special. Perhaps if the Celebration video had shown us a naked Jesus Luz I would have liked it more.

Both the Ghosttown song and video seem a bit overblown to me, they're just a bit too much.

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I guess that I'm the only one who adores "Jump".   I never expected a video for that song, so I was happy to get what we got.  It's a pretty simple song, so the video fits.  I think Madonna looks amazing in that video.  But is that Jonas' best video with Madonna? Well, that wasn't the question.  The question is what is MY favorite video from Jonas? 

For me Ray of Light, Music, Ghosttown, and Bitch I'm Madonna are top notch videos.  The original and director's cut of American Life is excellent.  The flag version... well... it is what it is.  I understand how we got there.  They already poured their money and heart and soul in the original, so it's simply a very watered down version of the video.

Celebration videos... fun videos and seems more like a throwback to her more simpler videos like "Lucky Star". 

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