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So i thought it might be fun to start a topic on if you met Madonna what would be the top  5 questions you would ask her ? And she has to answer too ? Mine would be (and in no particular order)

1 Why didnt you make a video for Rescue Me(Its always bugged me sorry as i love the song a lot)

2 Who's been the best fuck

3 What is your most proudest music moment

4 When are you gonna stop using Kevin Antunes as your tour musical director and bring Stuart Price back and go back to the live sound you used in the 80s/90s and no backing tracks 

5 When are we going to get all your demos and hd videos/concerts released ?

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What happened to that musical relationship with Stuart Price?

Why you use different shows in order to edit your DVD's?

Who's got the control of your instagram profile? I mean, some posts are really awful.

Have you ever consider to change your manager?

Why to keep going with plastic surgery?



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I don't really like the questions and answers thing for Madonna. She usually say something funny but she doesn't answer the questions... is like "Orange or lemon?" "Apple"... Always things like that but she doesn't usually say something that we can see as interesting about her career. She always uses jokes and things like that before answering a serious question.

But anyway, my questions would be:

Which one of your "scandals" took you by surprise? I mean, I'm sure she knew "Like a prayer" or "Erotica"/"Sex" would made people angry but I'm sure that some of her scandals were not planned and were just a scandal because it was made by Madonna.

I would love to know a moment of her life where she felt complitly stupid with someone... We've heard lots of stories of Madonna famous fans that do something stupid in front of her when they met them, so I would love to know in which moment did something like that with someone.

Another question would be... Why didn't she work with other people and when they die is like "It's a shame, I'd would had love to make something with them". When Frank Sinatra made a duets album and asked her to do it she said "No" but when he died it was "It's so sad... I'd had love to sing with him". Pavarotti ask her to be on her Pavarotti and friends concerts and she always said no. When he died "Oh, I'd had love to be on a concert with him"... So, why did she said no to that kind of things? I think it would have been great to have a song with Sinatra, Pavarotti or Michael Jackson instead of all those "young stars" who sing with her now.




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A similar thread already exists:

Still here are my questions:

What does the word SOON mean to you?

Why didn't you include LDLHA in RHT dvd?

Why there is some surface noise at the beginning of Ghosttown? Did you master Rebel Heart album with Adobe Audition? (Inspired by the resent topic)

What happened to Hold Tight with the drums in RHT?

Are you interest in watching the forthcoming documentary about Emmy  and the Breakfast club? Are you ever gonna release the early demos?

What are Niki and Kiley singing on tour? Don't you miss the good old live performances with Donna and Niki? (Which also means when are you gonna change your musical director and hire a bass player?)

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I'd stick to questions about her career or aspects of her personal life or interests. I know she loves to read, so I would love to talk about her favorite writers and her process in writing.   I'd love to hear her interpretations of lyrics she's written.  Also, I would really love to have her open up about how she really feels about her acting career.  

All in all, I would definitely stay away from confrontational negative questions that weren't really any of my business and most likely she'd tell me to "fuck off" if I asked. 

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