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17 minutes ago, Askeroff said:

Kim Petras was on SNL  performing with Sam Smith 

does it mean they meet too



Madonna & Lil Uzi in the studio last night


I had to google who Lil Uzi was.

Oh my god, if you thought her autotune was overboard lately, just wait till you hear his shit. She may as well swallow a fucking harmonica…


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"OMG ShE StILL dOesn'T LoOk LikE ConFessiOnS MaDoNna, I CanT BeLieve they ArE NoT Forcing HeR to reVERse age aNd rEverSe thE PlaStiC SurgEry!!!!11111 ThE TOuR WIll Flop I Blame RicarDO....................." :Madonna007:

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9 minutes ago, eXtremeOccident said:

Aw that made my day. She seems a little in awe herself of how successful the tour sales have been. It’s rare to see her coming across this humble.

LOVE to see her without grillz and the classic tooth gap. And a smile! She looks fantastic :)

Her smile in the end :hearteyes:

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5 hours ago, xavier said:

M was in the recording studio as well 🙏🤔


Do we think this is for the tour or new music ? 

We're still waiting to the result of that Sickick original track and it's almost a guarantee that M's done something with Honey Dijon from the social media posts. 

I still reckon we will get some form of new music this year whether it's a remix or a brand new song. 

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