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I don’t know if it’s bullying, from what I understand it is a challenge where they put the Pepe frog face anywhere. They do these challenges like inserting arrows or spirals in all types of art, the recent one is the frog face. Usually the other artists/people say Gm and move on hence all the GMS. Apologies I meant no offense. In my opinion this new GIF art etc is like a new form of graffiti and I’m fascinated. 

I guess context helps. I follow a lot of art on Twitter I thought it was fun they took her on. If you look at the other content on that artist page it isn’t any of our apparent paranoia or politics just art… if I’m wrong I’ll totes remove it. But I’m not sure I’m wrong.

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Songs we'll probably hear based on a hunch:


Papa Don't Preach
Like a Prayer
Material Gworl
Hung Up on Tokischa
Frozen on Fire
La Isla Bonita
Human Nature
Deeper and Deeper
Hold Tight
I Rise
Candy Shop
Bitch I'm Madonna
Holy Water
Give It 2 Me
American Life
Die Another Day
Like a Virgin
Burning Up on guitar


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