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37 minutes ago, tscott said:

No, she posted an old video. Her daughters are noticeably younger in it. 

I'm hoping she'll remain copper for the tour. 

Oh! Yeah. Her face did look of a different time, but I don’t keep track of her daughters. I haven’t seen them much in recent memory.

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There is no way we aren't getting a few Party City wigs. And, going with the GH theme, they have been a staple since LAV on TOTP. It's a topic that deserves it own thread tbh. When she's done pieces and falls, it's usually immaculate. The full on hair helmets are usually hit/miss/notorious. 


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12 hours ago, Honey Little said:

That family doesn’t look very subdued or conventional in $2000 designer clothes and crazy hairdos and hats and no patriarchal figure with them.

Freedom of speech is overrated sometimes…


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