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1 hour ago, PlasticLimbo said:

I'm so happy to see the girls together !They're growing fast and so beautiful, but cannot say the same about Blue Ivy or Rumi ...



they all look beautiful more than that they are all stunning.

i've al<ays found it so weird that Madonna's niece, Martin's daughter, looks like she's related to Beyonce, it's very uncanny.

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8 hours ago, adirondak said:

There’s nothing indicating the boy she’s talking about in the sex book is underage. 18 and 19 are teenagers too and there’s people those ages who don’t have a lot of body hair. Also the book is fictional. 

Nobody mentioned the Sex Book.

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8 hours ago, Roland Barthes said:

Got you EXACTLY where i wanted you to be, which is kind of easy with dumbos who spend their days on forums of artists they don't like to troll. So she's not your idol, what the fuck are you doing here exactly ? This is your agenda, talking about an old interview when she was 23 Y/O, the one that made the rounds on social media to make her look like a paedophile. Hey she did not ask a 12 y/o boy to spread his ass open in front of her so she could masturbate while watching it like Michael did to these kids on their accounts. You keep coming here to put her down at every chance you get, raining on our parade whenever something new happens. Don't you have a life ? I know, it must be hard to follow an artist that is dead, what's new about Michael ? Still dead af ! He was a paedophile and he died alone and ruined exactly like he deserved to. Now get a life, you're an adult, why are you acting like an effing teenager trolling forums ? Aren't you embarassed ? You should definitely be, like anyone going to a forum dedicated to an artist they don't like to troll it.

And that goes for Madonna fans who do it with other artists because they are scared they might overshadow her, like she's that fragile when they are the ones being fragile because they project so much of themself into their idol that any validation the idol gets they feel they are getting it too and one the other hand any dismiss their idol gets, they feel is personal. Use the time spent on these forums of artists you don't like to troll them to go to a shrink because seriously you have a problem. 

Seriously, what a dumb and immature way to live, it's losertown material right there.

I didn't read anything beyond your first and last lines, and want to clarify that you didn't 'get me' where you wanted me.

I knew what I was doing using your own terminology towards you, and also stated that M and MJ are equal idols of mine.

I can see that you are struggling quite a lot and wish you well on your journey, sincerely.

By the way, I've reported you for abusive language.

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7 hours ago, RUADJAI said:

Can we stop with the pedophilia talk. No one is gonna change the others mind and it just invokes the nastiness in people, hence why political parties use it to make you hate the other side. It’s easy. and until you are in someone’s bed, you know NOTHING. So spending your time talking about someone’s sex life who you have never met, you are wasting your energy.

You got it. I wish it was never raised by that member in the first place.

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