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13 minutes ago, Askeroff said:

the Andromeda portrait

it was shooting in her house so its not related for anything

just for us :Madonna003:

Or maybe her house Is in the visuals fr? Maybe for an album called "House of M" where each song is a room :drama: cant wait for Bathroom and Kitchen to smash :drama:

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1 minute ago, MikeyK said:


Current new sensation Sabrina Carpenter name checks M (along w/Brit, Xtina, Mariah) as an inspiration. Love still seeing young girls like her and Tate McRae publicly recognize M’s greatness.

Great to see this. Thanks for sharing!  :)

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Just now, survivalartist said:

if this is “just” a new serve from her house or whatever then keep on burning that house down this summer, love bc this look is fire. 

@Donna I noticed that plural too 😎

It does look "fire" indeed.  I want to think it's for something, but we know she's done some photoshoots which really didn't amount to much other than for social media or a magazine. 

And yes, "Babies" seems like a hint that I'm curious about?

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5 hours ago, Ayham said:

Probably BEST SHOTS SINCE 5 years!!!!!! I WANT IN HQ NOW!!! Sooooooo beautiful. 😻 

Agree, definitely the best shooting since the Madame X cover one. She's not making any mistake since her comeback to Warner, a better social media management, good pics, an amazing tour ... and now what?

It really makes me think to the BS look: the secret is she is releasing the FUCKING DEMO SESSION YOU DON'T WANNA LEAK!!! :Madonna009:

EDIT: this ones are my favourites (even if in the third one you can see her children card)



2023 (25).jpg

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3 hours ago, Pedro Beltran said:

The only thing that makes me think it is, is the appearance of the damn smelly bustier, 🤣

hahaha well i have to admit that that's the only one thing I fell like "meh~" in this beautiful perfect photo shoot! I think fans will have to start fundraising for Madonna's new bustier and buy us a new fresh bustier for Madonna's birthday. lol

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