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On 10/7/2020 at 2:01 PM, Brandon Clark said:

I can say I purchased this item from this seller & am beyond happy with it! It was very nicely done & all discs worked great! The picture even fit my big screen TV just fine when I watched. Plus it came with audio CD's of the tour as well. Was very happy with the purchase!

Also, for the record, just doing a quick search on Ebay I am seeing some of the same titles that were available on the other link site for example the Virgin Tour Blu Ray - however the price seems to be just a tad bit more. I will compare some of what I see later when I have time but I am sure if you are wanting a specific title you could still find it either on eBay or by contacting the seller personally using the contact tab on the bottom of that site.... Here is a link to a quick search I did just FYI so you can see what I am saying..... will keep updating if I find more......

Thanks so much for your review, really helpful in these cases.

If possible, I'd like to know if these DVDs people sell online really offer a different quality from the rips and remasters that can be found online. For instance, this New Jersey concert has a really poor quality from what I have seen online, so I'd like to know if this DVD really delivers a good quality to watch on TV.

Thanks in advance!!

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