What was the first Madonna record/tape/cd you bought?

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My brother(Who was a Prince fan at the time - i became a Prince fan too eventually !) gave me this and i wore it out - this will always be my favourite M album - first record i bought was the the look of love 7" and first cd was I'm breathless (Showing my age ) i do miss those days of physical formats :((


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True Blue cassette.  I stole Like a Virgin and Madonna from my girlfriend.  Then... I was hooked.  Honestly, I did not know who Madonna was until Papa Don't Preach as my family was all about country music.  Haha. For a while, I was buying Randy Travis and Madonna together.  Then.... Open Your Heart came along.... TB was the most fantastic thing that I ever heard and I never looked back even once at country music.  After TB, I bought everything Madonna, forward and backward and many times over.  I wore out a lot of cassettes.  I bought a lot of 45s too and some EP vinyl.  True story... I actually did not realize that Madonna sang Into the Groove, and Live to Tell but I loved them. 

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The first 7" single I bought was 'Dear Jessie' in December 1989

The first cassette album was The Immaculate collection, Summer 1991

The first 12" single was 'Vogue' in 1991

The first cassette single was 'Rescue Me', late 1991

The first CD single was: 'Fever' in 1993

The first CD album was Bedtime Stories in 1994.

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