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90 Best Madonna Quotes


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On 4/4/2019 at 8:31 AM, Lucifer's Angel said:

Not even Socrates could come up with wiser words!

That one's always quoted out of context. Full quote is from Spin magazine in 1996:

"Q: It’s less important to you now, that they all love you?

A It’s not necessary, it’s impossible. it’s unrealistic. In the end, by having a point of view, by taking a stand for things you believe in, you’re ultimately always going to offend people. That’s good. It’s certainly more important to take a stand on something and offend people, than to be careful all of your life and have everyone approve of what you do. Or, as my psychiatrist likes to say, better to live five years as a tiger than 100 as a sheep."

(I fixed the weird typos that site included in the transcript)

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22 hours ago, notbizzre said:

I found it very smart when Oprah asked Madonna in the 1996 interview if M would warn Lola about men. M answered she was going to teach Lola self respect, which would work in all contexts of life.




Oprah: What will you teach her about men???!!!

Madonna: If you have self respect you don't need to be taught about men.


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Some funny quotes..


As M and Guy were walking down the street, a paparazzi was snapping away and asking her random shit and M goes:

"Oh I'm not doing an interview" :lol:


M trying to quiet down the crowd at her Bedtime Stories Pajama party on MTV so she could read the bedtime story, after a fan yells "YOU GO GIRL!!!" .. M replies:

"I will go if you don't shut up!" :lol::lol:


Private conversation between myself and Ingrid, when I asked Ingrid what M thought of Lady Gaga's new video at the time, Ingrid said M calls it:

"The video where she thinks she is me." :lol:



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