The New Album Saga: Part IV - Madame X

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1 hour ago, TonyMontana said:

I cannot resist anymore... reading all those people talking about how great the tracks are... i've reached that point where if i find something online (a full track not a snippet) i listen to it :drama:

Noooo!  Friday is so close!!  I am right with you, but fight the temptation!!  I've been digging through the deep cuts and all the remixes that I haven't listened to in forever to try to take the edge off the wait.  There are some real bangers during the American Life era!  Hollywood, Die Another Day, American Life all have some great mixes.  But you can do this!!  It will be so much more rewarding on Friday when you can walk into the store, snag that record/CD/box set (or all of the above, M fans are an obsessive people), rip that shrink wrap off that muthafucka and play it from beginning to end for the first of many, many times!

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1 hour ago, TonyMontana said:

I think we may have similar tastes cause for the moment Faz Gostozo & Future arr my least favorite (i haven't heard Batuka yet). I only like "Future" with the reggae remix on Youtube (i'll use that version for my Madame X playlist !).

"Batuka" is just an odd African-sounding song with heavy drums, tribal rhythm and repetive chanting by Madonna and the female Batukadeiras Choir. "It's a long way. It's a long day. I say amen. I say amen". Portugese instruments together with electronic instrumental. Gypsy-string solo at the end. Madonna goes hypnotic tribal chief in the Batacuda genre. Not my cup of cake. Could do without. The more Latin-inspired reggeaton tracks are the weakest songs on Madame X, with the exception of "Medellin" and the flirty and groovy "Bitch I'm Loca".

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I remember when Medellin came out there was a Little Monster on a different site that was talking all kinds of shit about Madonna and saying Madame X was going to be panned by the critics....


I enjoyed scalping the little bitch now that Madame X has a higher score on Metacritic than ANY of Lady Gargoyle's albums.  




Now if only it would leak!

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Just for who's interested: track by track fan review of the standard edition from this Instagram account (to read you have to go on the dark stripes) :cute:



01. Medellìn feat. Maluma 
A mellow reggaeton inspired track that's well structured and catchy enough to open the album. Honestly it's one of the weakest moments on Madame X but avoiding the usual edm overproduction mess or the current trap phenomenon was a smart choice for the first single. It really sets the tone for what's next without spoiling the best. One two cha cha cha...come on it's already iconic 7/10

02. Dark Ballet 
Probably the most experimental piece on the album. The song starts beautifully with lyrics inspired by Joan of Arc only Madonna could sing and then goes into a stunning piano sequence. Then it gets messy quoting Cajkovskij which sounds pretentious and out of place in a heavily Latin inspired album. The annoying spoken words in the second half don't help neither. I'll be roasted for this but this is a track only good for an interlude video at the tour, no one is gonna listen to this.

03. God Control 
The provocative wordplay refers to gun control policies currently under scrutiny in the US to the rest of the world's dismay (WAKE UP FRIENDS!). Musically the track is a Donna Summer type of disco production with some glimpse of 2000s extravaganza...I hear Impressive Istant, Nobody Knows Me and Sophie Ellis Bextor influences! I love the choir and the strings as well, a very musical song rich in details and meaning. Oh and it sounds so GAY thanks to a Vogue-ish spoken part. Queen 10/10

04. Future 
Reggae + Trap + Caribbean = dope! This is such a laid back track with surpsringly good lyrics about the changing times and its people. I usually hate featurings especially with these so called rappers but Quavo gives a current young edge to the song without tarnishing the listening experience. 8/10

05. Batuka 
This is such an inspired production coming from the Batucada genre having roots in Brazilian, African and Portuguese music. It sounds Eastern European too? Very daring for the Queen of Pop to sound this folk and niche. The beat is obsessive and tribal, sounds like a hypnotic spell and I'm enchanted. "Put that man in a jail where he can't hurt us"
Madame X sings about freedom. 

06. Killers Who Are Partying 
Folk type of song, sounds very gypsy and European, reminiscent of American Life. Haunting. Madonna identifies herself in various minorities with poetic lyrics. Unfortunately her voice is not as warm as it used to be and the metallic sound is distracting, otherwise a stunning quality album track 9/10

07. Crave feat. Swae Lee  

Trap with melody? Yass Madonna saves music again. Finally a current and modern top 40 type of song with an actual structure and a melody. The track is so mellow, smooth and catchy..kinda reminds me of Ciara's platinum certified bop I Bet. Swae Lee also is a nice addiction. This is my jam 8/10

08. Crazy 
This is adult pop at best. French inspired (Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amélie anyone?!).
It's been ages since such a well written song made its way on a major mainstream pop album. Pre-Chorus/chorus/bridge...everything is gold. 

09. Come Alive 
Basically the correct version of Body Shop. It's so soothing with its beautiful choir and strings 9/10

10. Faz Gostoso 
This is Rio baby! The new Gay Pride song for the next 10000 years. And can we appreciate Madonna's more than decent Portuguese? Rhythmically pounding and hypnotic, this is good. Maybe a bit messy but it's so unique! 

11. Bitch I'm Loca 
This screams summer single. A tacky reggaeton track with a hard beat that's actually pretty cool. "Bitch I'm loca, besame la boca - You can put it inside" unapologetically sings Madonna on the song. Is it a refined production? Maybe not but it's a great club song in this age, if this was Jlo all the gays would be scalped 6/10

12. I Don't Search I Find 
Vogue meets Bedtime Stories meets Erotica. This is the gayest Madonna since Girl Gone Wild. Another hypnotic song with that 90s nostalgic element many will love. Having said that the track seems to go on forever becoming very repetitive and disconnected from the rest of the material which sounds way more organic. 7/10

13. I Rise
This has become one of my favourite Madonna songs. Very catchy and heartfelt. Melody + meaning + vocals + production = perfect pop. 

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