Madame X Tour | London

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16 hours ago, Adjames said:

I just got in from tonight’s show it was great she did the whole show. She seemed in pain sadly at times I thought she looked older as she looked a bit frail but still gave an amazing show and I was on my feet most of the time I’ve not seen her since rebel heart on 1st Dec 2015 I hope she does something easier on herself next time as she has really pushed herself hard on this tour 

Last night was the only show in London I’ve seen (last night was number 4) where she did seem in pain at times - I was worried when she was rushing to the Mic before American life after struggling with all the cash

im sorry to say this for all the French (and others that planned to travel) fans affected but I’m glad she has a full 5 days between London and Paris now 

it’s clear that she is putting herself through this To try and finish the tour and now can see the end in sight

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On my way home with a 3hrs long trip by train. I have the Lisbon audio on my phone, still unheard, I'll close my eyes and pretend I'm in London now.

EDIT: Just arrived and "my" show had just finished. Madame X is perfectly on time on my phone! It's incredible to listen and let the memory live again!!

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32 minutes ago, madgefan said:

Guys, I had so much fun!! Short show or not, it's so worth it. You will regret it if you don't go! Vogue as a opener works really well. It didn't seem like it bothered people. She's just standing there behind the burqa, sorry, the curtain. And voilà, there she is.

I have a better opinion of Rescue Me but still wish she had done the song. It's really unbelievable MANY British are going "just to see the show". It's shocking to know a casual fan would pay such amount of money only to clap from time to time.


She sang a few lines from Hallellujah and Don't Cry For Me Argentina. The polaroid was sold to a girl who said she was a student of German. No beer bitch thank God, and as usual no Crave so stop asking if it happened. It's officially out😂

I think she is really making a huge effort to end this tour the best possible way. So, go and be happy. Appreciate it as it is. It could be the last time you could see her.

Finally, I met Sally from Melbourne, Australia!!


Excellent and such a fun review. Thanks for taking us there. Love the photos too!!!  Ps: I hope and pray this isn't her last tour! 💃🕺🏼💫👸🏼

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57 minutes ago, Ego Rodriguez said:

As I mentioned, yesterday was planned to be short show instead of cancelling. So the next two gigs should be the full show. Hopefully something extra for Sunday

That’s my show so hopefully! I won’t be annoyed though if she opens with “Vogue”. I just can’t wait to see her :Madonna014:

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41 minutes ago, CicconeUK said:

Which dates did you record?

Feb. 6, 8, 9.

34 minutes ago, Monsieur Hugo X said:

I just want an audio of the shorter version of the show pleaseeee 😭😭😭 :Madonna041:

This means we have two recordings of shorter shows. But be ready: the quality is bad and the sound distorted.

We will try to equalize the sound a bit.

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