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Luiz Ribeiro

Madame X: Faz Gostoso

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By Felipe Martins / June 11, 2019

Posted on June 11, 2019. 07:32

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! The queen of pop Madonna is among us. The blonde landed in the dawn of this Tuesday (11) in Brazil for the recording of the clip of Faz Gostoso, the funk in duo with Anitta. According to Rio Gay Life, the Brazilian is already recording her part of the clip and, starting today, will have the company of Madonna in the recordings.

Rumors say that Madonna and Anitta will make a surprise presentation of the song in a country club held in absolute secrecy, but nothing has yet been confirmed.

An excerpt from the song leaked onto the web this Monday (10) driving fans of the two artists crazy.Madonna struggles singing in a Portuguese with a slightly Brazilian accent, a bit of Portugal.

Funk Faz Gostoso is a creation of the Brazilian based in Portugal Blaya. The song was one of the biggest hits in 2018 in the European country and caught the attention of the most famous Lisbon resident around the world. Anitta was chosen to record the song and received the invitation on a phone call from Madonna.

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if that's really true, it would be awesome! can't believe that she's filming so many videos this time. we used to get only max. 3 videos per album since RoL which was the last album with more high quality videos. 

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