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Article Madonna, I’m sorry for calling you ‘desperate’

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There are so many expectations on her.  I always think about that when she makes an album:


it needs to be accessible, but not like everything else

don’t be too avant grade or people will be alienated but needs to be different than what other artists make, or else “chasing trends”

Don’t use any features, but make music that will be played on the radio

make dance music but if there’s too much dance music then you’re just a “disco dolly”


then on top of it the whole paradox how people want her to look good and youthful into old age, but do so totally naturally without any Botox or surgery.  Or, as this woman said, show your wrinkles so that other women can feel better about their own aging.  


The amount of expectations placed on her is extreme.

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"She gave me my first feminist lesson"

"So I wanted Madonna to age like a punk: like Vivienne Westwood, "

Who says 'so' ?
They joke about that in one of the National Treasure movies !
So, moving on....
This is another a-hem Writer telling Madonna what She thinks, again.
No wonder Madge felt violated if that Writer hung around her yet 'writes' the same sorta pish as this article.
There w a s a brief bout of attention-hungry and Female Writers getting a lot of column inches online 'coz they were slagging her off.
"Yer' Old = Retire !"
Now we get these :laughing::laughing: supportive ones ?
Military & Intelligence
Music & Journalist

"So she’s complicated. "
The end may be epic but I couldn't stop laughing at this dross, so I haven't read it all.

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