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What singles would you have picked?

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I do hope God Control is released as a proper single just so we get some official remixes (and another dance #1) but otherwise there’s little difference whether or not it’s only a video or full single release, it’s unlikely to chart anywhere else.

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Official Singles

1. Medellín

2. Crave

3. God Control

4. Faz Gostoso

I like the singles we have gotten, and FG seems to be close to rolling out as the fourth single. I’d release remixes for all these as seen fit, worked for Medellín. The features don’t bother me and I don’t think they detract from her art. If anything, it shows her versatility and eagerness to support younger artists as much as they help her.


Promo Singles

1. I Rise

2. Future

3. Dark Ballet

4. I Don’t Search I Find

These would all receive timely remixes and pushed for exposure and Dance charts only (I think IDSIF is really only good for that last part).


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Before The Album 

  • 1st Single Medellin 
  • Promo 1 I Rise
  • 2nd Single Crave
  • Promo 2 Future
  • Promo 3 Dark Ballet

After The Album

  • 3rd Single I Don't Search I Find
  • 4th Single Batuka
  • 5th Single God Control

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1 hour ago, BillyBongo said:

This is not a commercial album. I think the releases have represented the album well. Having said that, I Don’t Search I Find deserves a video.

I agree. And if I could have one more, I'd add Bitch I'm Loca with full on dancing in it  


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