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things take time, like M releasing the album she realy wanted to make, or this forum becoming the plae we wnt it to be. thank you guys for taking your time, it was helpful to clean our minds and shake off the bad things. this is a new chance, a new oportunity to celebrate M again. 

and we will, like we've been doing for the last 36 years.

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I almost have no words! Thank you for bringing the forum back online, Infinity feels like home to me.
Let's stay together and positive in the eras to come <3

Again, thank you @Fighterand the amazing staff we all know and love.



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Opening up
Letting the day in
Over a cup
We'll say "hello, how ya been?"
Looking around
Seeing the same things
Every day brings
"Hello, how ya been?"
"Thank you, come again!"
Some things never change

I wouldn't call this place a happy end
But I been 'round the block and just came back again
A small town like ours ain't much
But sometimes home is where your ass ends up!


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Maybe some of us aren't very active here, bute personally I really really aprecciate th effort of everyone participating in this, I have uploaded just a few things, but this is because most of the stuff I have is already here.

Maybe for the newbies (I consider myself one of them here) is something hard to express our opinions considering some aggresive moments in the last weeks before admins decided closing the forum.

I'd love to be more participative, andI 'Promise to Try':silly:

I thought 'Gosh, is a new Mdolla era and the place were I used to read about all of this daily is gone' Is really nice to read the good comments and good topics, and havng a place to have rare stuff too.

Thanks @Fighter and all Involved , I already had thanked, but this is a big THANK for the re-opening.

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