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Post pictures of your Pets!


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10 hours ago, Fighter said:


my cat disappeared during the holidays. I dont know what happened to her but she was quite old and was becoming slow, she probably left to pass away like some cats do. At least i think I'm coming to terms with such things.... 

I lost my Harry over the Christmas holidays too. He passed away in his sleep by my side on Boxing Day (26th). It was utterly devastating. 

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8 hours ago, Ayham said:

Yes true, I heard that cats in general tend to isolate by age... very sad. But I hope you’ll find her soon! Maybe she got lost? What makes me more sad is the ugly last few days memories. I still have some scratches on my hands because I remember he hated the medicine. 😢


7 hours ago, Fighter said:

the cat never left the house so its unlikely... she was also quite sensitive and withdrawn so i dont think she would survive this long on her own if she did get lost. 

the important thing is to remember the good times and that whatever bad thing happened, it's over. :heart:

I'm so sorry on your babies. I've had cats all my life. You are right how they isolate themselves or disappear when it's their time. 

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8 hours ago, ITG said:

This is my girl! She's 18 months now.

Can you post again? I can't see her?


4 hours ago, anjoel said:

Alfie, coming on for 10 but still a puppy




2 hours ago, Steffmad said:

We have her since 2 month..this is Leni..So Girl Power in our House.





So beautiful. I love them. And what great poses too! Beautiful!!!! 🌹🙏😘

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8 hours ago, Steffmad said:

Cookie is a great dog..even if she is a Hunter for everything. but she is very sensible the other way.

She is afraid of Men and Men on Bikes....but she love Kids. I love this Pic. Her eyes catch me.





What a sweetheart indeed!

8 hours ago, Steffmad said:

Leni is a thief and a Heartbreaker. She is a chop already. So we cannot leave her alone in the Garden.

But she is a Clown already. For food she does everything .

She was found that way...that really hurts me. Happy she loves Human Beings 



I'm glad she loves us too. What a doll. Thanks for posting. Keep us posted. I love your pics and I love them. 

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