Poll: DWT or RIT or CT or S&ST?

Poll: DWT or RIT or CT or S&ST?  

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  1. 1. Poll: DWT or RIT or CT or S&ST?

    • Drowned World Tour
    • Re-Invention Tour
    • Confessions Tour
    • Sticky & Sweet Tour

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Difficult to say cause, for a reason or another, I love all Madonna's tours.

S&S is my least favourite, not very interesting musically.

DWT is a little cold, she rarely talks. I love all the sections although there are songs I don't like (Candy perfume girl, Funny song, too bad she is not singing Evita live).

RIT will always be a gift to the fans, cause for the first time she was coming back to her old catalogue. I also like many musical choices, like Deeper totally reinvented, Lament, Don't tell me with Bitter sweet Symphony. Although Holiday is the worst ending of all tours imo, Crazy for you gave me shivers I can't forget.

CT is very well structured, especially the first section. What a opening! What a finale! In the middle, something does not work totally: Isaac (even Sorry I rarely watch), the rock part (I don't like ILNY), Paradise (a little boring), Erotica and LIB are not good versions (Everybody is deeply missed). But in terms of production and coherence it's one of her best tours.

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I really love Re-Invention and Drowned World. I find them both to be very creative and interesting artistically. I like the looks, the setlists, the themes and the different acts.

The only thing that bothers me about Drowned World would be the Funny Song/some of the more graphic parts.

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