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What is the song (s) that everyone likes but you hate?

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On 7/15/2020 at 10:24 PM, Ayham said:

Weird to see some saying BIM, it’s one of my all time favorites!!! I remember when I heard the demo back in 2014 I was in shock!!! Definitely out of this world. You guys should start to appreciate this song more often.nicki minaj madonna GIF by Nikos Kontovas 

Never gonna happen - it belongs in the deepest darkest hole on earth and that video can go with it too 🤢

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2 hours ago, NowRadiate said:


Bitch I‘m Loca

Faz Gostoso

Bitch I‘m Madonna

Give Me All Your Luvin‘

Love Spent 

Give It 2 Me

Beat Goes On


Hung Up


X-Static Process

I Deserve It

Thief of Hearts


Wow, we would not get along 😂

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I don't really hate any M music either & God knows there is no better example of someone LOVING 1 thing while another HATES it in the Madonna fan community! I think every era has examples of that! I mean M is a walking example of that most times herself lol! So I'm just gonna list my least faves & even tho I wont say everybody else loves them I am sure there are some out there who consider them among their faves lol cause that's just the way the world works......

MADONNA - Everybody

LAV - Material Girl & Pretender

TB - Jimmy Jimmy

WTG - Causing A Commotion

LAP - Act Of Contrition (from the first listen I thought WTF?!? lol)

IB - Hanky Panky & I'm Going Bananas (prob my least favorite M song ever if I had to pick lol!)

Erotica - Bye Bye Baby

BS - Survival

STR - One More Chance

ROL - not 1 single song I dislike although I skip Mer Girl alot lol!

Music - again not a single song I dislike 

American Life - not a big fan of Hollywood & I know it's just a demo but the song Latte is just horrible IMO never listen to it

COADF - only song I skip or don't care much for is I Love NY. The demo was much better to me but something about the final version I just don't care for. All others (yes even Push lol) pure pop perfection!

HC - Candy Shop (ugh!), Incredible (ugh!) & Beat Goes On (just because I can't stand Kanye West!)

Celebration - It's So Cool

RH - not a fan of Living For Love (although the video was great!), Illuminati (I liked the demo but not the final version), and Bitch I'm Madonna (liked the demo but not the final version). This album mostly I preferred the demos over the released tracks but I like that there is so much to choose from between the 2!

MX - didn't care for God Control the song (the video was amazing!), Dark Ballet has burnt out for me I skip it all the time (& the video could've been so much better had it actually starred M more IMO), don't care for Bitch I'm Loca & I Rise I used to like but for some reason now I can't stand it lol I skip it all of the time! I think my main issue with it is the Emma Gonzalez chick in the beggining. Her voice ANNOYS me to no end & the fact that she denounced M & what she was trying to say about gun control & bringing more light to that issue totally killed it for me! I wish I could  get my hands on a version of this song without her "BS!" bullshit in it I would probably grow to like it more again but I just CAN'T with her. She doesn't deserve to be on a Madonna album even speaking 1 word! 


There you have it lol! No attacks please, to each his own :Madonna042:

Edited by Brandon Clark

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