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dead or alive

Sticky & Sweet Tour

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during Into the groove different elements of other songs are included.

Anyone know the interpreter of the title 'Body Work' please?
Same thing for Human nature with the title 'What You Need' please.

thank you in advance


from wikipedia:

Into the Groove" (contains elements of "Back in the Day", "Toop Toop", "Body Work", "Jump", "Apache", "It's like That" and "Double Dutch Bus")

Human Nature" (contains excerpts from "Gimme More" along with elements of "What You Need")

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Errrr... let’s see how well memory serves me...

Toop Toop - Cassius is the main riff used, there’s a mashup on YouTube, has been since before the tour I think. 

there is another also but I forget x


Sorry, misread your post but at least you’ve got a new mashup :)

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